I have just started temporary contract. I calculate I am about £6 pounds a day better off assuming I get Working Tax Credits. When I was unemployed I got my full monthly rent of £525 paid. £400 of this was by the LEA and £125 by a DHP grant.
The Governments better off in work calculator is highly flawed as it only uses the LEA rent amount. You can’t get a one bedroom private flat to rent for £400 in Northampton. The Benefit Calculator also excludes travel to work costs, prescription costs, dentist costs and eye-test costs etc

My problems started when I was made redundant in 2008 and then only get my mortgage interest paid and had to sell my flat. Then because I had more than £16,000 in bank I got no help with my rent on new rented accommodation and no JSA. You also can’t apply for social housing if you have money above threshold. The council won’t tell you that you can gift money away. So all the money I worked for and invested into a mortgage has slowly gone. The DHSS policy of mortgage interest has made it much harder for me to find work that pays my mortgage was just £210 and had only a few years to run. Now my money has all gone I have now qualified for the NHP Housing scheme. The Government policy also made by bi-polar condition much worse.

I find it amazing that African Economic Migrants can get 6 bedroom houses and welfare and never work. My Dad came from a big family and all the boys shared one double bed and the girls another. These African migrants would not have had a nice home in Africa or welfare or rent paid. We need to put our own people first and stop foreign aid and giving large homes to freeloaders.

A single male has to find all the rent if working and if in a low paid job more than a months wages are needed to pay the Council Tax. Couples can half these bills.