Why wont media tell truth on White Genocide?? EU

There is no housing shortage in the UK many houses are empty as people have moved area from certain areas looking for work. We need to get jobs back to these areas to get the people to return.

Problems with the NHS could be solved by having an umbrella company for the NHS that buys in bulk and thus saves money also stop those not entitled using the NHS it is not an International Health Service and this abuse costs us millions of pounds each year.

Not many people know that EU from planned in 1922 by Count Kalergi for Genocide of White Europeans – immigration from outside the EU was all part of his plan. Blair / Merkel / Junker all were awarded the Kalergi prize. In 1970 one in three people on planet where white now it is less than 1 in 12. All white nations are being asked to diversify but not Asian, African or Arab countries. Africa has plenty of safe lands and Saudi Arabia is closer to Syria and has Sharia Laws Muslims want to live under.

Judges defending illegal migrants, terrorists or prosecuting British Soldiers are traitors in my opinion and should be hung. Liberals want to let more of these economic migrants into our land and many could be terrorists.  The Green Party is really the Water Melon Party.

Feminism was born out of Communism to destroy the family.  Communists could never understand why they were not victorious. The school of Frankfurt has achieved its aims by destroying Western Morality .Why do people who leave school with no qualifications then just breed a large brood thinks this makes them entitled to a free large council house in an expensive area of Londonistan? Workers can’t afford such a large home. Only working people should be offered social housing too many are never working and just playing computer games all day. Also if you buy shares you pay tax but not if you invest in Hedge funds – a big loophole in the law!