I spent 5 years at college then University studying Electronics. By not working for 5 years you lose out on earning £70,000 and get into debt by going to University. During my working life I earned more doing manual Warehousing work than I did as an Electronics Technician. Since you only have 44 working years if you go to University you need to earn more during your working life just to make it worthwhile. In my opinion only Law and Computer Programming offer the chance to earn a good wage. I know people who have never worked who get £60,000 in benefits a year plus a free 5 bedroom house and large car. I also know attractive women who have left University with no work experience but got well paying jobs just because of their good looks.

I was made redundant after 8 years at one company and thus had to sell my flat. Then because I had money from sale of my flat above £16,000 in the bank I got no help towards rent on my new flat and no welfare. I was also barred due to having money from applying for a council flat. Yet some people on council estates have Jaguar and luxury cars outside their homes!

I worked in August in 2016 and earned £600 then claimed UC in Sept 2016. 4 weeks later when I visited the job centre I was told my UC had been stopped as I had a wage go in the bank. So I had to re-apply and UC took starting date of the claim as 25th October. I then got a New Job in November but was paid December. All the period from Sept to when I got paid in December I got no welfare and no help with my rent and had to pay Council Tax. If I had never worked I would have had my rent paid in full each month and JSA every week. As a result of working I have ended up in debt and had to get an arranged overdraft to pay rent I would not have had to pay if I had never worked. I moved address for my new job and was paying rent on 2 flats for 2 months. So first 2 wages of new job just went to pay this rent money. Workers seem to get no help from a bent system.