#white lives matter

Today we have seen a protest by the Black Lives Matter Group causing delays at UK airports. But what about White Lives? This week an American woman was knifed by a Somali in London.

In America crime is highest in areas with white minorities. The crime statistics from America show that the biggest crimes are black on white followed by black on black then black on Hispanic.

70 percent of black children in America are being brought up by single parents. Blacks commit most of the violent crimes in America and many innocent white bystanders are killed by Police in the crossfire when they try to stop the criminals.

Many more whites in the UK have been raped, mugged, killed, robbed or have been victims of black crime than blacks by white criminals. 90 percent of Swedish women who have been raped were by immigrants yet the figure is likely to be higher as PC Sweden classifies second generation migrants as Swedish.

In London after Mark Duggan was shot dead we saw riots and looting and arson. Most of this was done by African migrant gangsters. Yet back in Nigeria Police capture gangsters and torture them for information then shoot them. They would not allow gangsters to be armed with guns. Yet we allow these gangsters to carry weapons, deal drugs, import Khat, loot and commit arson without any fear of being shot.

White people are an Ethnic minority in London but soon will be in every nation we are witnessing white genocide due to interests of powerful people who want mass migration to create a New World Order. African countries, Asian countries and Arab countries will still have African, Asian and Arab majorities it is only white countries being asked to become multi-cultural and accept diversity.

In America if an area is too white they move the none whites in. Then whites move out to another white majority area and the process starts again.

Chinese and Indian men don’t tend to groom English white girls yet the media always says Asian gangs when the truth is they tend to be Muslim men – over 3,000 English girls groomed by Muslims in the UK. Can you imagine what would happen if English were grooming Muslim girls?

All over Europe women have been raped by mainly African and Muslim refugees. Back in some Muslim lands some women are forced to marry their rapists of face being stoned to death.

Why is it that African and Muslim men have these attitudes towards white women?

Anyone criticising Islam is not being racist they are being religionist.

Most of the Heroin in the UK comes from Islamic lands like Pakistan and Afghanistan.

To call someone racist you are also being racist.

All lives matter.

anyone with any info on race crimes against whites tweet me a link @xymalf