If I was Mrs May these are the things I would do to improve the UK. I would set up an Umbrella Company for the NHS to buy in bulk and thus pass on savings to each Hospital.

I would end Foreign Aid and Child Benefits for more than two children. Any one owning more than 4 property’s in the UK would have to pay an extra Assets Tax relating to value of their property portfolio.

I would put a Tariff on all French imports which would be reduced if they stem the flow of None EU born migrants getting to the UK. EU citizens not working would be given 6 months to find a job or leave the UK. Any foreigner claiming welfare in the UK would have checks done to see if they had money or housing abroad.

I would trade more with our Commonwealth Countries and not allow products that have broken British Patents to be imported. We also need to get back our Fishing Industry by stopping Foreign boats fishing in our waters.