Western Politicians complicit in White Genocide

Article 2 of UN on Genocide says bringing about conditions to damage a race of people. Our Government are complicit in this Genocide. In 1970 1 in 3 people on planet were white now it is less than 1 in 12 and English are an ethnic minority in Londonistan, Leicester, Birmingham. We have seen white flight. This happens in USA they consider a town to white so move in ethnics -whites moves to another town and process starts again. To understand the root cause we must understand that in 1922 Count Couldenhove Kalergi planned the EU for white genocide of all European Nations he wanted to create a mixed slave race by mass immigration of Africans and Arabs to serve Jewish New World Order in the USA. It was the CIA and Jewish Freemasons in USA who started the EU plan again after WW2 A war over usury.

The NWO really serves the Rothschild’s who own 30 percent of our planets wealth. They worship the planet Saturn and are known Satanists. The Rothschild’s financed Hitler and the Bolshevik Revolution most Bolsheviks were Jews including Lenin. This revolution killed 60 million white Russian Christians. Yet no one mentions this just poor Jews killed by Hitler. Rothschild’s then used this sympathy for Jews to fund Israeli terrorists in Palestine and Israel was bombed into existence. Israeli terrorists also bombed London and killed people here.

The Rothschild’s run party’s for paedophiles with under age girls present and many senior Police men, Judges, Politicians, Freemasons and V.I.P’s this is how they keep Politician’s on their side. They should be arrested for mass murder and rape of under age girls.

Our Country gives Foreign Aid to make Africans richer so they can migrate to West all part of Kalergi plan. Politician who have won Kalergi prize include Blair, Merkel, Junker and Ken Clark all white traitors serving the NWO. All recent wars have been against countries with no Rothschild central bank. Rothschild control City of London and Federal Reserve and Washing D.C. Vatican money also invested with them. The City of London does not belong to the UK. It was a Rothschild who gave Israel nuclear bomb secrets he was head of British intelligence.

We are allowing mass migration into our country. The judges are becoming millionaires using taxpayers money to defend people who came into UK illegally and should be removed and all assets seized. yet we have 1 million illegal migrants. We know by measuring sewage from London compared with population audit that Londonistan has a million more people than the census shows – many living in sheds in peoples gardens. We give Somali’s 1 million pound homes in London and Africans 5 bedroom homes yet back in Africa they shared kitchens and bathrooms. Africa has plenty of safe lands but we must let them all in for the Kalergi plan to work and genocide of whites to continue. We even let in jihadists to blow us up.

Why is it only white nations being asked to diversify not Arab, Asian or African lands. We need to stop Foreign Aid. Also many people have loads of children to get child benefits then spend cash on holidays, alcohol and cigarettes. We should end child benefits and just provide free school meals. Providing free University Education would only work if University are forced to only put on courses for work that is needed and numbers that are needed. The Uk is no longer an Engineering country but Germany is.

so when will a Politician stop white genocide?

Jewish media is always showing black men dating white women and white men as weak all designed to brainwash white women into wanting mixed race mutants like Kalergi was. Last time I visited Londonistan these mixed race children of Kalergi were everywhere to be seen.

We have at least another 6 million Africans waiting for the EU ferry service to take them to Europe. If I was in charge they would all be machine gunned as possible terrorists. Africa has plenty of safe lands and Saudi Arabia has Sharia Laws Muslims want. yet we allow FGM and them to have many wives here just so they can out breed us. Islam allows many wives as part of jihad to conquer the planet. Same as Catholics not allowing condoms they want to breed a large army as well.

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Nigel FARAGE – 8th Parliamentary term