When Tony Blair was in power Labour had an open immigration policy for mainly none EU citizens. Many were given luxury housing in London. Most have never worked as they won’t be able to get a job that pays the rent. It is the British who have to fund their life on the dole. So many migrants have settled in London and this was done mainly for Gerrymandering reasons that The Tory Party is unlikely to win many more London M.P’s.

Now Corbyn has promised bribes to get student votes like free University tuition. Yet many who want to go to University only want to go to party not work hard and get a qualification that will lead to a good job. Why should taxpayers subsidise these freeloaders?

I want a Political Party that will end Foreign Aid, end medical migration and economic migration and stop none UK citizens using our NHSS it is not an international health service. I don’t want free trade I want tariffs on French and German imports.  I want to see an end to people not working getting social housing but also social housing rents increased to market values not subsidised by the rest of us! Many in Council Houses have luxury cars so they could afford a private home. Why should someone who spends all their money during their lifetime get free care in old age yet a person who works hard and scrimps and saves have their savings and even house taken from them by the state to pay for care – it is not fair.  I find it amazing after at least 3 terrorist attacks people will vote for a party that is lead by someone who was in bed with the IRA. Are Labour voters stupid how many more people need to be blown up by terrorists? More will be as Labour will let more in. The West is being destroyed by Cultural Marxism. In Sweden Somali’s demand free 6 bedroom homes and never work. Now Sweden has over 20 No Go Zones and the Muslims who live there will openly say this is not Sweden this is our land now.

When will we have a Party that ends the Freeloading Life some take advantage of in this country like free housing, free dentist, free NHS, welfare and loads in child benefits? No one is making the feckless work for their welfare and the welfare cap has never been applied to large families. They even get bigger homes than someone who goes to University and gets a mortgage could ever afford!

Welfare also needs to be Taxed.

The first past the post system is designed just so 2 parties dominate UK politics – Labour and Conservatives. These parties’s won’t change a system that benefits them. Even more worrying is that the EU was planned for mass migration from Africa and Arab lands for the Genocide of all white Europeans. Blair / Merkel / Junker all have won Kalergi prize. The whole EU was just one step towards a New World Order. The City of London is not owned by the UK and Washington DC not by USA.