UK a terrorist haven and locks those up who oppose Jihadis in our country.

On Saturday, Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen and I were forced to “sign on” at a London police station for the first time.

I’m sure you can appreciate the ominous nature of political party leaders being forced to “sign on” in a police station to stop them engaging in political activities.

Britain is now a fully-fledged “Police State”, more subtle perhaps, but still as oppressive, as Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.

The politically motivated show trial for me and Jayda has been set for the 29th of January and will last three days!

This means, by February 1st, Jayda and I could be rotting in prison for a long time!

So we need to mount our legal fightback fast before we run out of time.

With your help, we can fight the authorities and win.

Without your help, we are doomed.

Please choose right now if you can help us!

Please send your most generous financial gift as fast as you can – we need to keep the wheels turning on our legal fightback!

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Britain First

Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First