Who does the BBC think they represent?

Prime Minister Theresa May has compromised that celebrated ‘special relationship’ between the United States and Britain by inviting the BBC to take part in her first press conference with President Trump.

In her meeting last week with the new US President, Theresa May made the decision to bring along the BBC to represent the British media.
In typical leftist fashion, arrogant BBC hack, Laura Kuenssberg, made the assumption that the opinions held by BBC bosses and employees are those of the British public – ignoring the fact that the British public overwhelmingly disagree with the BBC’s pro-EU stance, its multiculturalist and pro-Immigration agenda, and its Islamophilia.
“Mr President,” she scoffed, “you’ve said before that torture works, you’ve praised Russia, you said you want to ban some Muslims from coming to America, you’ve said there should be punishment for abortion.
“For many people in Britain, those sound like alarming beliefs.
“What do you say to our viewers at home who are worried about some of your views, and are worried about your becoming leader of the free world?”
The question prompted a response fitting for the occasion from the US President; turning to Theresa May, who invited the questioner, he said:
“That was your question?
“There goes that relationship!”
The BBC is notorious for shirking its responsibility to the British public to remain impartial on all reporting, instead the corporation shamelessly promotes its own leftwing agenda and cultural Marxism which permeates all of its political reporting and programming.
Own a smartphone, tablet or laptop?
Then the BBC demand that you buy their TV Licence simply because you could access live transmissions online.
The TV Licence is outdated and scandalous.
Did you know there are more women in jail for not being able to pay their TV Licence fine than for any other crime?
That’s why the TV Licence is widely regarded as discriminating against the poorest in our society.
If that isn’t bad enough, at the same time BBC ‘decision makers’ award themselves massive pay packets for doing next to nothing.
In 2014, BBC creative director, Alan Yentob, took a staggering £330,000 for a PART TIME position – twice that of the Prime Minister!
Sadly, the BBC today is little more than a shameless propaganda mouthpiece for the political left.
The BBC needs a huge shake up.
The BNP will decriminalise the TV Licence by giving viewers the option of whether they want to receive BBC transmissions or not, then we’ll demand that pay salaries and expenses for the BBC ‘elite’ are investigated.
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