Last year, the BBC spent £310,000 – the equivalent of 2,130 licence fees – on broadcasting Britain’s disastrous entry by 76-year-old singer Engelbert Humperdinck (which only four countries gave any points at all—not that we have had many points since the Eastern Europeans turned up and formed a pact to vote for each up).
BBC officials say that their EBU membership also buys it other things, like membership of a news exchange, rights to concert broadcasts and activities around the Olympics. But broadcasting the Song Contest also imposes other costs on the BBC, including travel, hotels and incidentals for its broadcast staff.
Last year, the contest cost €48m to stage in Baku, Azerbaijan. This year’s, in Malmo, Sweden, the aim was to do it for much less. Anyone with a television (i.e. virtually everyone) is forced to pay for this embarrassing, political show, whether they watch it (and the BBC) or not. Can that be right?

If you want to get a job with the BBC you need to be women, an ethnic, bi / gay /transgender / pan person or disabled. Only hope a white heterosexual man has of getting an interview is by putting black lesbian with one leg on his C.V.

The BBC is supposed to be politically neutral yet most of their key staff seems to be Leftist or Liberals. The BBC is one organisation I would like to see privatised. They have never had programmes on subjects I want to know more about like how the Rothschild’s made their money? The Bolshevik Revolution. Who was Count Kalergi and his Pan-Europe Project? Also what was the School of Frankfurt’s mission to destroy Western morality?