Swedish Liberals to blame for letting these Jihadists in. Islam is not compatible with Western values.

There has been another devastating Islamic terror attack today, this time in Stockholm, Sweden (images below).

A lorry was hijacked and driven into pedestrians, just like the attacks in Nice, Berlin and more recently, London, and three gunmen ran through the city centre firing at shoppers!

Britain First

At least five innocent pedestrians have been killed and horrific photos are starting to leak out.

The Swedish Prime Minister has confirmed that it was a terror attack and the suspect has been arrested at the scene, who looks like a bearded Muslim extremist.

I am getting increasingly frustrated at sending out these email updates reporting on yet another Islamic terror attack.

Britain First

Over the last few weeks alone, London, St. Petersburg and now Stockholm have been subjected to jihad attacks.

Jihad attacks on the West are now a weekly, if not daily phenomenon.

Faced with this never-ending jihadi assault on the West, I have taken the decision to re-active “Operation Fightback”, our direct action counter-jihad campaign against hate preachers, extremists and “no-go zones”.

Britain First became famous for its direct action operations, Christian Patrols and confrontations of Islamist and jihadi targets and now we want to refocus our energies on battling extremism once again (pictured below).

Britain First

Yes, we will still hold days of action, big protest marches and even stand in elections, but we need to get “back to basics” so that we can go on the offensive exposing and confronting the enemies of this country.

Britain First has refrained from militancy against Islamic extremism for some time, but now, in the wake of these constant terror attacks, we mean business.

We will defend our people to the bitter end and our last drop of blood.

As we haven’t engaged in direct action for so long, we are quite unprepared for this new campaign so I need your help Adrian.

Britain First

We need to urgently stock up on radio communications systems, organize training events for our core activists, invest in infrastructure and launch a new intelligence department.

We have an action plan in place, and our target is £4,000 – all we need now is the resources to launch this ambitious and radical new campaign.

Over the next few months, you will see video after video of our direct action teams confronting and exposing the Islamist networks in this country.

All I am asking Adrian is that you chip in towards our “Operation Fightback” fighting fund – every penny counts.

If you can help equip and train our frontline activists, then please choose an option below:

I would like to thank you in advance for your loyalty and dedication!

Yours sincerely,

Britain First

Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First