Soft Touch UK

Police killer Kamel Bourgass and fellow terror plotter Tanvir Hussain cost taxpayers half a million pounds. Many other terrorists have won large amounts of compensation by arguing they were detained too long. Some then went on to rejoin ISIS. Kevan Thakrar who killed 3 men with a machine gun cost taxpayers almost £100,000. Hassan Ravandy an illegal immigrant for over 15 years in the UK and who commited multiple crimes got £40,000 in damages. An Iranian failed asylum seeker who sexually assaualted young girls won £13,000 in damages. It is a good job I am not running this country as these foreign crooks and illegal migrants would be deported straight away and all assets seized. Terrorists would get no compensation. Any Lawyer representing illegal migrants, foreign crooks or suing members of the British Army would be taken to Traitors Gate in the Tower of London and hanged for treason to set an example. In Germany and Sweden now – Swedish girls have to dye their hair black and young Germans and Swedish men are forced to patrol districts to protect their women from attacks by foreigners. IN Bulgaria we now have militias patrolling the borders to stop illegal migrants gaining entry. When the EU destroyed border controls they made it much easier for criminals and terrorists to move accross Europe. The real criminals though are Merkel and Blair who have allowed mass migration from Africa and Muslim lands despite the fact that all these migrants have safe countries closer to home. I wonder if British people who died for this country to stop it being invaded just died in vain. If I could go back in time I would tell them not to bother fighting for your country as politicians will destroy it anyway.