Many Adult Dating sites are scams they feature fake pictures of women or let women join for free. The parent company owns several similar cloned websites all sharing same female profiles – a man can join one site and then be duped into joining another with same women on it. Another annoying thing is women can call free chat lines but men pay for same service. Even still most of women on these sites will actually be employed by phone company to keep stupid men talking. We also have sites with fake reviews and people advertise on sites offering to write a review for $5. So why are web sites allowing people to write fake reviews.

Some Casino company’s are fake they just want to capture your card details for identity theft scams.

Do you know of any Scam sites – if so tweet me @xymalf on twitter stating URL and I will investigate.

Hope if we can remove these scammers.

spoof E-MAILS  from paypal and amazon can be reported TO just be Forwarding the scam Phishing email.