The Anglo Saxon Godess of fertility was called Oestre this comes from the Babylon Godess Ishtar – Holy Roman empire called Oestre Easter.

Virgo used to be called Delihla in Autumn sun enters Delihla and its rays get smaller until after the shortest day when it is re-born this is Sam-Son the sun re-born also end of Roman festivel called Saturnalia now re-named Christmas.

Venus used to be called Lucifer which means to give light this was the brightest star in the Sky. We know wise men must have been following Venus so Jesus would have been born in June in the middle East.

Vikings beleived that warriors went to Valhala but normal people Hell – once again the Church is using a word to scare people. Hell is not a bad place as this is where normal friends are.

The bible was altered by a women called Theodara who had all the bits about re-incarnation removed this is becasue how could she be a Godess if everyone would be re-incarnated. She also had several popes executed.

In the time when Henry 8th was in power England was a Catholic country. William Tinsdale emigrated from England to Cologne and translated new Testament fom Greek into English but also wrote a more important work called the Divine right of kings. German Mercahnts bringing Englsh bible to England were paraded with sign on theri heads to Saint Paul’s Cathederal. They could have been sentanced to death. Henry sent Spys to Germany to try to capture Tinsdale. Then Henry wanted to divorce a catholic wife who could not bear him sons. The Pope said no and Henry having read the Divine right of kings said you are just a pope I ma king of England. Thus Cathlic Churches were destroyed and Abbeys and Church Of England Protestant faith born. The reason the preists never wanted bible translating from Greek and Latin is that people would know then that most Papal Laws were not in the Bible. The Popes Guard captured tindale and he was burnt alive as a heritic but thanks to him and people reading the bible the modern English language was born. The old English language uses words like thee and thou and is Anglo-Saxon the letter S looks more like a walking stick.