Oestre was the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of fertility. Her symbols the rabbit and the egg. The name can be traced back to Ishtar in Babylon. Modern Holy Roman Empire have re-named her Easter. The Roman’s celebrated the end of the year with Saturnalia named after planet Saturn now called Christmas.

Virgo was once called Delihla – Sun enters Virgo in Autumn its rays get shorter and it is born again after equinox as Sam-Sun. Nothing to do with the Bible.

Hell is a Viking word they believed Warriors went to Valhala but normal folk to hell to be with friends. Not a place of torment for sinners.

Venus was called Lucifer which means to give light and nothing to do with the Devil – Venus is very bright and likely to be star wise men were following.

Muslims believe Mo-bacon-head went up to heaven on a Harpy like creature for one day to have a look around. Yet mo-bacon believed he met Demon in the cave it was his sister in law that said it was the Angel Gabriel. Yet if Mo bacon was a man of God would he rape women, and kill boys and other men at Medina who were Jewish people who welcomed him when he was a refugee from Mecca? He even took some of these Jewish women who saw their husbands killed as his wifes and raped them. He made his 12 year old wife Ayesha watch these killings.

Then we have all the stories about re-incarnation removed from Bible by Theodora who also had several Popes executed. She wanted re-incarnation removing so that people would believe she as a God on earth.

Hindu’s believe in re-incarnation yet when their loved one days and a cat walks across grave they belive loved one has been re-incarnated as a cat.

Budhist’s do eat meat but only animals that fall of cliffs and then these are butchered by Untouchables who also break up human bodies on death for Sky Burials to be eaten by Vulcher’s in places like Tibet.

Old Indian books tell of Jet Fighters and Nuclear war did this really happen in the past?

The Pyramids are lined up with Delta of the Nile – could only be acheived by someone with an aerial view maybe an alien race helped build Pyramids.

Earth has Chaka points just like our bodies. 2 are in England. Stonehenge and Aylesbury stone circle. People have witnessed strange plasma balls here. and this is all top secret.

The Earth is no longer in same place it was when you were born it moves through time-space.

Some Christians wont accept that Dinosaurs once lived on the planet despite all the evidence.

Religion is responsible for a hell of a lot of killings on this planet.