The world we live on stated as a giant snowball covered in ice. Then volcanoes broke throgh the ice and started the Greenhouse effect. The centrifugal force of the earth formed all the molten rock into one giant continent with a sea around it. This continent was called Pangea I believe. Yet we are taught lies in school that we all came out of Africa. What tosh. Creatures were scattered by the breakup of the giant continent. As Darwin said creatures evolve differently when their envirnoment changes. This is why animals in Australia look different to those in the UK. We only have snakes in the UK because England was still joined to Spain after the end of the ice age but Ireland had already broken free Wales so no snakes in Ireland. Top part of Scotland was originally a part of Canada and India was closer to Madagascar. Basalt contains Iron crystals that align with magnetic poles so we know where the UK was and how it is moving one European techtonic plates.

If somebody calls you a RACIST then they too are being Racist as they are acknowlwdging that different races of people exist. Most modern inventions have been made by Germans and the English although Chinese did invent paper, silk and fireworks but along time back and the Italians glass and concrete – Rome is built on right rocks to make concrete.

Most people called Racist are realy just criticising Religion so are being Religionist not Racist. Islam has memebers of all colours!

We should be able to challenge reigion and death by Bolshevoik jews in Russia of White Christians – 60 million and Turkish Genocide of Armenians etc.

Whether it was a BIG BANG OR GOD – the question is still the same what was there before? I believe in a multi-verse when an electron hits a positron both disappear and only radiation remains. We live in a positive universe this is probably surrounded by negative space but within this more positive universe’s. We know that gravity forms everything into spheres so universe will be like a baloon expanding. Earth does not just go round the sun it is moving through sapace as well to an unknown destination. Thus what you did as a child was in space time somewhere where the earth was in a totally different position.

even scientist can’t understand DARK MATTER which makes up most of space. Within your body there will several version of yourself and atoms vibrating at different frequencies. Radio waves and ghosts can go through walls as they vibrate at a higher frequency. Quantum mechanics tells us that electrons can be in two places at the same time. We also know if we shine a LASER onto frog DNA we can turn it into Slamander DNA and a dispplacement patern is there just like when yuo create a hologram. Just before you die DMT in the brain become active making you halucinate and see alien beings. Are these our real ancesters and does the dmt allow us to communicatre with them. Some use plants to activate this DMT chemical in our brain. If we stretch out DNA it is like a TV aerial has it the ability to transmit information into space?  The bible has been changed by Theodar and all references to re-incarnation removed. Indian books tell of Jet fighters in the sky and a nuclear war. There are pyramids on mars and alien skulls have been found on earth. We also know sound can smash or move objects. You can train a mouse to go round a maze and then inject the RNA into a new born mouse and it know the way around the maze.