Before 1997, there were no Islamic MPs in the British Parliament. In the general election of that year, Mohammed Sarwar, a self-made millionaire, became the Member of Parliament for Glasgow Govan and the first Muslim MP.

Britain has historically discriminated against being ruled by someone deemed to be of a dangerous or religiously radical conviction. In 1701, the Act of Settlement was passed specifically to prohibit anyone who was a Roman Catholic from becoming the British king or queen, prompted by the fact that Roman Catholics were deemed to take their ultimate instructions from the Vatican instead of Parliament and were therefore at risk of not ruling entirely for the good of our nation. This same act also placed severe limitations on any foreigners who, given British citizenship, tried to enter Government.

The Act of Settlement was a sensible legal instrument designed to prevent the Crown and Parliamentary membership from being bestowed upon anyone who recognised, or served, any non-British cause or subscribed to any religion other than the Anglican Church of England.

Unfortunately, this protective Act of Parliament was replaced by the 2013 Succession to the Crown Act, under which Roman Catholics became eligible to be the British Monarch if they happened to be next in line for the succession to the throne. This Act came into legal effect on March 26th 2015.

Even more sinisterly, however, the number of Islamic MPs is increasing at each successive general election. In 2015, 13 Muslim MPs were elected.

Should the British people be worried about this? Judge for yourself; there is already an organisation calling itself the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain, founded by the late Doctor Kelim Siddiqui as long ago as 1992. The Muslim Parliament of Great Britain has a manifesto: “The Muslim Manifesto: A Strategy for Survival.” In this manifesto can be read the passage: “…at its inception Islam created a political platform from which Muslims were to launch themselves on a global role as founders of great states, empires and a world civilization and culture”. Or put more simply; “Tomorrow the World!”

It is an obvious fact that as the Muslim population of Britain increases, so too will the number of Muslim MPs increase. Has anybody in our government stopped to ask themselves; “What will happen when Muslim Members of Parliament outnumber non-Muslim members?” Perhaps our current succession of governments, are of the opinion that a Muslim majority in Parliament would be a delightful and wonderful thing, a glittering testimony to the success of ethnic diversity and multiculturalism in the UK.

Others might, with greater realism, perceive it as the death of Britain, everything it stands for and in its place the birth of a new Islamic State.

Quite seriously, unless this is recognised and cured today, tomorrow British democracy could be scrapped and replaced by Sharia Law. Great Britain would then become the Islamic State of baritaniya jabbar!


Not convinced? Then take a look at the video below and listen to the chilling words of Britain’s first Muslim Minister Shahid Malik.


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