the plight of the last 20,000 Christian Serbs still holding on in the Islamist terror state of Kosovo

Imagine the very heart of your own country. you can surely think of a place which really sums up your own nation – culturally, historically, spiritually; in your deepest emotions.

Now imagine that place torn away from your land, swamped by what started as ‘peaceful’ but overwhelming immigration, which metastasised like cancer into a full-scale Islamic Jihad. Imagine watching as villages and towns were emptied of your people by murderous anti-Christian ethnic cleansing.

Imagine thousands of your own people ‘disappearing’ into mass graves and rape compounds, while the survivors grab what few possessions the can carry and flee for their lives. Behind them, howling mobs of hate-filled Muslim gangsters burn down hundreds of beautiful, ancient churches, and desecrate and destroy the graves of your ancestors.


Now imagine how you would feel if United Nations ‘peacekeepers’ – supposedly there to stop ethnic cleansing – in fact turned a blind eye to these horrors, Forgotten.

How would you feel? Angry, of course. Betrayed? No doubt. But also surely lonely. Very lonely. So imagine the comfort you would feel to know that some people still care.

Care enough to send the money you need to buy fuel for the generators that keep your last remaining villages supplied with electricity despite the fact that your Islamist oppressors have cut off the mains.

Money to help pay for the food brought in through mountain passes to make up for the Muslim blockade that is trying to starve your children and force the very last of you to leave. How much better would that make you feel?

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Muslims rip cross of a Serbian Church

Well, the situation I have described for you above is EXACTLY the plight of the last 20,000 Christian Serbs still holding on in the Islamist terror state of Kosovo. The last survivors of a brutal ethnic cleansing war which has turned this province at the heart of the proud Christian nation of Serbia into a dangerous bridgehead of Islamist terror in Europe.

And I am giving you the chance to show the brutally oppressed Christian minority – the last obstacle in the way of the creation of a 100% Jihadi state on Europe’s doorstep – that you stand with them. That you care enough to show them that they are not alone. That they do not have to flee their homeland in order to have a future.

Make no mistake. If the last Serbian villages in Kosovo are allowed to fall, Jihadists all over Europe, and as far away as North America and Australia, will take it as a sign that Allah really is going to give them victory and dominion over the whole world.

So what happens in Kosovo now will spread, until you or your children no longer have to ‘imagine’ living under the bloody heel of Islamist terror, because it will become as real as it is today in occupied Kosovo. It will be your children, your home, your church, the graves of your grandparents, which will be their target.

This is why the Knights Templar International are planning an aid mission to Serbian Kosovo. A vital mission to give both practical help and moral support to our oppressed Christian brothers and sisters there on the frontline of the war between Christian civilisation and Islamist barbarism and aggression.

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This is urgent. The Islamist gangsters and terrorists who Bill Clinton and Tony Blair put in power in Kosovo are piling on the pressure to try to force the last Serbs out. These brave Christians have stood fast all alone for far too long. They need to know they are not forgotten. They need you.

Thank you for giving generously to help us to show them that they are not alone. That good Christian people like us are with them in their hour of need.

Thank you and God bless


S. McBride
KTI Commander

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