pc police

need you to sit down and read this message very, very carefully – it is VERY important.

A short while ago, we learned, via the post, that our deputy leader, Jayda Fransen, was facing three separate police charges and is going to be prosecuted.

Jayda’s trial takes place in just 22 days, in Luton.

These charges against Jayda were as a result of our “Christian Patrol” (pictured below) in the infamous “terrorist factory” of Bury Park, Luton, back in January.

Britain First

Areas like Bury Park are literally “Sharia Zones” where the Muslims have the “upper hand”.

At a hearing at Luton magistrates last month, the local prosecutor acting for the police described Bury Park as an “Islamic area” – can you believe that?

It is all designed to appease and pacify the powerful Islamist community of Luton and their Labour party collaborators.

Having failed to destroy Britain First in the High Court recently, Luton police bullies are turning their taxpayer-funded cannons on Jayda Fransen, our deputy leader.

Jayda is being charged with three separate offences, all of which are desperate attempts to impose yet more misery and inconvenience on our Jayda.

Here are the “crimes” Jayda is being charged with:

1. Religiously aggravated harassment, alarm and distress
2. Wearing a Britain first beanie hat
3. Not surrendering for bail

Let’s deal with each charge individually, to demonstrate the absurdity and desperation of these silly Micky Mouse “charges”:

1. Religiously aggravated harassment, alarm and distress
We have seen the witness statements for this silly, petty and vindictive charge. It orbits around a white ginger female convert to Islam (pictured) who approached our activists in Bury Park screaming and shouting. This woman called Jayda Fransen a “slapper” whilst trying to justify wearing full Islamic dress and a hijab. She put her fist in Jayda’s face while being dragged away and acted in a menacing fashion. Despite the outrageous behaviour of this white convert, the police are prosecuting Jayda! You really couldn’t make this nonsense up. It’s so ridiculous it boggles the mind.

Britain First

2. Wearing a Britain First beanie hat
The 1936 Public Order Act was made law to stop certain groups back then wearing full military style uniforms. It was never meant to be used to prosecute political activists for wearing random items of merchandise. Activists from all the other parties in Britain regularly wear merchandise whilst campaigning. They are never arrested or prosecuted. Jayda only wore a beanie hat with the Britain First logo on it, but she is being prosecuted for it!

3. Not surrendering for bail
During a recent court appearance, Luton police told the magistrates that Jayda’s bail conditions ended at the end of March. She thus considered herself released from any future obligations. Then Luton police sneakily issued a warrant for her arrest for not attending a police interview several months later. A total farce!

As you can see, this is nothing but another round of spiteful, petty charges to try and cause as much inconvenience and aggravation as possible for our deputy leader.

Our legal representatives estimate that the necessary legal preparation for Jayda’s case plus the cost of a competent barrister to argue her case in court on 2-3 November (a few week’s time), will cost around £15,000.

If we don’t chip in and help Jayda fight her case, then she could end up going to prison.

Jayda’s case is now in the “urgent” stage and we need to raise the funds for her as quickly as possible.

I do not need to explain any further why this forthcoming trial in Luton is placing Jayda under enormous stress.

That’s why I am appealing for your help today, to chip in to Jayda’s legal “fighting fund” as time is running out fast.

If you and I won’t help Jayda in her hour of need, who will?

Will you back our courageous deputy leader and help her fight against this persecution and harassment by the state?

Remember, within a few short weeks Jayda will be sitting in the dock having to face the corrupt fury of Luton police – will we get behind her in her hour of need?

Jayda needs your help , will you give her a helping hand?

Please make your decision and bear in mind what Jayda must be going through right now:

Yours sincerely,
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First
HOTLINE 0203 409 6216