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Thousands sign petition to REMOVE Sadiq Khan as London mayor over Brexit stance
ALMOST 50,000 people have signed a petition to remove Sadiq Khan as London mayor over his controversial Brexit stance.

They are angry at the Labour politician for wanting London to have a bespoke Brexit deal after Article 50 is triggered.

Mr Khan has urged the Government to give the capital “a voice at the table” during upcoming negotiations with Brussels.

And he wants to introduce special work visa for migrants coming to work in London.
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But his position has angered Brexit supporters.

More than 47,000 have signed Matthew Lee’s petition on calling for the Mayor to be removed.

He claims Mr Khan’s comments are encouraging the growing movement for London to become independent from the UK.

Thousands of Brexit backers want Sadiq Khan to be removed as London mayor

Mr Lee said: “As the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has a position of power in the capital.

“He should be discouraging any such action from those who wish to create London as an independent state.

“London is the capital city of the United Kingdom and not the European Union.”

Sadiq KhanGETTY
Khan beat Zac Goldsmith to become London mayor last year

However, in a statement City Hall has reinforced Mr Khan’s stance on Brexit negotiations.

It read: “Sadiq campaigned for Britain to remain in the European Union but respects the democratic will of the people.

“He is determined to secure the best possible deal for London from the Brexit negotiations – because when London flourishes, so does the rest of the country.”

Sadiq Khan gives speech during EU referendumGETTY
Last month Khan claimed a hard Brexit could ‘tear Britain apart’

Securing access to the single market is critical for London

Sadiq Khan

In a doom-mongering speech last month, Mr Khan claimed a hard Brexit “could tear Britain apart”.

He said: “Securing privileged access to the single market must be the top priority for the negotiations.

“It’s critical for London. Nothing else will do. It can’t be brushed aside.”

Sadiq Khan