no end to bbc bias

The joke, broadcast on Radio 4, mocked the Government’s White Paper that was released to MPs on Thursday.

The News Quiz panel ridiculed the document after a blunder claimed Britons would be allowed 14 weeks of paid holiday per-year once the UK had left the .

Accusing the Prime Minister of a rushed job, the radio programme slated her efforts, likening it to a school “collage”.


Theresa May’s Brexit White Paper was mocked on Radio 4’s The News Quiz

It had the whiff of a sixth form project

But, the sensitive gag left a sour taste with some listeners, who blasted the impartial broadcaster for its “left-wing bias”.

Airing on Friday evening, the satirical panel show took digs at the Government’s gaff and Mrs May’s efforts for taking Britain out of the crumbling bloc.

Comedian Miles Jupp said: “It was essentially a speech that she had already given just transcribed and put on this thing.

“It says things like ‘the precise form of this agreement will be the subject to negotiation’ – it was, I think it’s fair to say, pretty vague – it had the whiff of a sixth form project.”


Miles Jupp and Susan Calman made digs at the prime minister’s plan

As the audience erupted into fits of laughter, fellow panellist Susan Calman chipped in with her take on the document.

“It’s like a collage of what Brexit means,” she sarcastically quipped.

“Theresa May has done a mood board of what she wants everything to be – ‘now vote on that, there’s lots of purple, no blue or yellow, now vote on it’.”


The joke centred around a blunder in the White Paper regarding holiday entitlement

Although the panellist found their jokes at the expense of the leader humorous, some listeners took to social media to vent their outrage.

One annoyed person tweeted: “The left-wing rant that masquerades as The News Quiz. How is this politically biased show allowed to exit on the BBC unchallenged?”

Another raged: “The News Quiz #comedy @bbcradio4 lots of laughs at the expense of #TheresaTheAppeaser”.