The controversial anti-immigration MP, who is leading all the polls to be the country’s next leader, has attacked the German chancellor’s open-door asylum policy and vowed to cut ties with Brussels if he takes power after next spring’s parliamentary elections.

Mr Wilders said in a recent interview: “We have a political elite at the top not listening to them and that is why parties like mine all over Europe are getting votes.

“We should not have to pay for the stupidity of Angela Merkel.

“She can invite anyone she wants but we did not invite them so they shouldn’t be able to come here.

“We will decide ourselves who is welcome here.”

Last week saw the revelation Mr Wilders and his party are ahead in most opinion polls in the run-up to parliamentary elections in March next year.

The PVV is forecast to take 35 seats in the 150-seat Dutch Parliament – 10 more than the ruling Liberal party which is led by prime minister Mark Rutte.

His Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) manifesto, published online, also includes a call for the complete de-Islamification of the Netherlands.

Mr Wilders said he wants to stop Muslim asylum-seekers from entering the Netherlands, shut down all Islamic schools and refugee centres and ban women from wearing headscarfs in public.

He said: “Today in Holland we have thousands coming every week.

“There are villages in the Netherlands that have only 600 inhabitants and they have to accept many more asylum-seekers than their own inhabitants.

“People are angry. People are afraid. People want a different policy.”

Despite public support, opponents have poured scorn on Mr Wilders’s proposals with Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) party leader Sybrand van Haersma Buma describing them as ‘utterly bizarre and unbelievable’.

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