New World Order will happen very soon

During World War One Germany welcomed in thousands of Jewish Refugees from Russia. They were so well looked after that they became some of the richest people in Europe. America was controlled by Zionists who only agreed to join WW1 if Nation of Israel was established. This did not happen. We must remember that America like us are controlled by Central Banks. A Dollar is realy a Dollar plus debt the Central bank puts on it. Central Banks like Federal Reserve credit the USA Government. USA will never get out of debt it is built into the system. These Zionist banks in America thus changed the supply of money and hence it value – stock market crash, people selling shares, loss of jobs and poverty. Germany felt betrayed by these Zionist bankers and thus looked for a strong leader. Rothschilds financed Hitler but then helped terrorists after war bomb Israel into existance. British Intelligence headed by Rothschild who gave Israel Nuclear secrets.

They will get a New World Order because they plan again to change supply of money soon – resulting in more wars and poverty. Mass migration and destroying of Nations in West is part of process of the NWO as read in Kalergi plan an ideal for white genocide.

If you criticise religion then Cultural Marxists will shout Racist in the hope of stopping debate. Yet Religions have members of many races. You are being Religionist if you criticise religion not racist these Marxists are very thick. Yet they have blood on their hands. Islam has killed 240 million people. Marx and Lenin both had Jewish ancestry. Jews killed far more people in Russia and other countries than Hitler ever killed. All those who died at Manchester can thank Liberals who believe in open borders and letting in terrorists into our land. Just becasue they want a New World Order. Liberals think by mixing all people in will stop wars between nations. It will lead to tribal wars between religious groups for control.

Why is it only white nations being asked to diversify? Why is the UN allowing white genocide? It is a pathetic institution one Nation can veto and stop motions being passed it has no teath.

Until we change the central banking system then wars will continue. Most modern wars have been against countries with no central bank controlling them.