New World Order and EU

I worked in August 2016 and earned just £600. I then claimed Universal Credits but this was stopped as I had a wage go in the bank. I re-applied for UC but they then took start of claim as October 21st. I got a new job in November 2016 and was paid in December 2016. I never got any money from UC during this period. I had to pay my full rent each month £525 and council tax. If I had never worked I would have got JSA every week and full rent paid. By working I have got into over £2000 of debt. I even moved for my job and so was paying rent on two flats in October and November 2016. I lost my new job and think stress caused by being in debt helped this.
Both Blair and Merkel won the Kalergi prize. The Kalergi prize is awarded for politicians who have done the most to speed up white genocide. Kalergi planned the EU in 1922 and his plan was mass migration from Africa and Arab lands to create a mixed slave race to serve Jewish New World Order in the USA. The Zionist’s in America control most banks, media and even the Federal Reserve and the CIA. It was the CIA and Jewish Freemasons who helped form the EU. We give millions in aid to Africa. We help Palistinian terrorists with our aid money and give luxury cars to Dictators in Africa. We even give money to Pakistan who have a Space Program. Most refugees are young men from Africa (not a demographic mix of people you would expect if genuine people ) who head for the UK and thus break the Dublin Accord yet still can stay in the UK. Yet Africa has plenty of safe lands so none should get asylum and all should have assets seized and then returned home. They are not as not part of Kalergi plan. in 1970 1 in 3 people on planet where white now it is less than 1 in 12. English an ethnic minority in Londonistan thanks to Blair. Rothchilds financed Bolshevik revolution which killed 60 million white Russians and most Bolsheviks including Lenin had Jewish ancestry. Jews rose to power after French Revolution and always hated English and Germans as we invented most things in the modern world. Rothchild’s throw parties for Politicians, senior Police and Freemasons so they will never be brought to court for their crimes against humanity. Ironically Putin is the last hope for the white race as the English will soon be an ethnic minority everywhere in England.