Mohammed was born Mustapha Sheep Allah in the great City of Mecca. His parents were very poor and his dad farmed pigs to make ends meet or should that be meat? When pigs were killed – Mustapha’s dad was too busy doing other work. So young MUSTAPHA had to make several trips to the market to sell the bacon before it would go rancid. He came up with the idea of carrying it on his head in a wicker basket. He could thus carry more.

The village boys kept on teasing him calling hime More- Hama -Head – daring him to cary even more which he did with pride as a very strong young boy. This nick name morehamhead was eventually shortend and he was thus caled Mohammed not Mustapha anymore.

Still he was not happy he did not like his parents being poor and wanted to buy them a herd of sheep as they had wished God for when they named him.

He then had a brain spark he would create his own religion to make people want to join and fight for him he would give great rewards like – life after death, being able to rape any foreign women captured in battle, being able to have a 9 year old girl as a wife and best of all he offered them 21 virgins in the next life. it was like a sucker punch they all wanted to join his new religion and some gave their daughters to him to marry.

He got very rich and gave his parents a fine herd of sheep.