Lutonisstan police traitors

As we announced last week, our deputy leader, Jayda Fransen, is facing three separate nonsense charges and is going to be prosecuted immediately.

Luton police are a bunch of Islamist appeasing bullies who bend over backwards to give the powerful Muslim groups in Luton everything they demand.

At Luton magistrates last Friday, the local prosecutor acting for the police described Bury Park as an “Islamic area”, can you believe that?

Britain first has come under sustained attack by Luton police, all to appease and pacify the powerful Islamist community of Luton and their Labour party collaborators.

Here are the “crimes” Jayda is being charged with:

1. Religiously aggravated harassment, alarm and distress
We have seen the witness statements for this silly, petty and vindictive charge. It orbits around a white ginger female convert to Islam (pictured) who approached our activists in Bury Park screaming and shouting. This woman called Jayda Fransen a “slapper” whilst trying to justify wearing full Islamic dress and a hijab. She put her fist in Jayda’s face while being dragged away and acted in a menacing fashion. Despite the outrageous behaviour of this white convert, the police are prosecuting Jayda! You really couldn’t make this nonsense up. It’s so ridiculous it boggles the mind.

2. Wearing a Britain First beanie hat
The 1936 Public Order Act was made law to stop certain groups back then wearing full military style uniforms. It was never meant to be used to prosecute political activists for wearing items of merchandise. Activists from all the other parties in Britain, regularly wear merchandise whilst campaigning. They are never arrested or prosecuted. Jayda only wore a beanie hat with the Britain First logo on it, but she is being prosecuted for it!

3. Not surrendering for bail
You may remember back in February, shortly after our arrest, the CPS (on behalf of Luton police) told the Court that the bail conditions Jayda and I had been given were only meant to last until the end of March. Therefore, on 1st April Jayda issued a video statement during which she ripped up her bail conditions, based on the belief that Luton police would not lie in court and therefore she was released from bail. So Luton police are now openly admitting that they did lie in court! The bail did not end in March, or even May, but they extended it to 19th July 2016 then issued a warrant for Jayda’s arrest for not surrendering on that date!

Jayda cannot and will not plead guilty tactically like I did just to get rid of the restrictions.

The first charge in particular (“Religiously aggravated harassment, alarm and distress”) has to be fought and won in court so we have no choice but to take this one all the way.

The first battle in this new war against the police bullies took place last Friday, at Luton magistrates, where we managed to avoid a whole range of highly restrictive bail conditions for Jayda.

Our legal representatives estimate that the necessary legal preparation for Jayda’s case plus the cost of a competent barrister to argue her case in court, will cost around £10,000 (our previous estimate of £5,000 is far too low).

If we don’t chip in and help Jayda with her case, then she could end up going to prison for a short stint.

Jayda’s case is in the “urgent” stage and we need to raise the funds as quickly as possible.

Will you back our courageous deputy leader and help her fight against this persecution and harassment by the state?

Target: £10,000
Raised so far: £2,150
Patriot Name: you
Suggested action: Chip in £10

Please make your decision and bear in mind what Jayda must be going through right now:

Yours sincerely,
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First