The Rothschild’s are the richest family on our planet. They own half the world wealth. It is ironic that countries recently at war like Syria and Libya had no Rothschild bank. Putin is also hated because Russia does not allow Rothschild’s to operate in Russia.

The name Rothschild means Red Shield this is the symbol they painted on their door and not the original family name. The red shield is a symbol of the planet Saturn long associated with Satanism.

Rothschild’s’ throw parties which Politician’s, Freemason’s, Police, Judges and powerful people attend. These parties are used to keep these people under Rothschild control.

The Rothschild’s made blood money by supplying Hessian Mercenaries to fight English in America. They financed the Bolshevik revolution that killed millions of white Russia Christians. The Bolshevik’s were mainly of Jewish ancestry including Lenin.

The Rothschild puppet count Kalergi planed the EU in 1922 and the Kalergi plan was mass migration to destroy the white European race and create a new mixed blood race just like Kalergi himself.  Merkel was also a Bolshevik. The Charlemagne prize now renamed Kalergi prize has been awarded to those like Merkel who have done most to spread immigration and white genocide.

The EU was formed after the war by Jewish freemasons and CIA in USA to create a New World Order to further aims of the Rothschild dynasty.

If people knew this but the most media is controlled by powerful Jewish families they would not support the EU or Liberal principles.