Labour Party have commited Genocide

Many None-EU citizens travel to an EU country like Romania and get a Romanian passport this then gives them the right to work in the UK. We had people saying they were fleeing Kosovo and they got asylum and free housing yet most were not from Kosovo.

I know single mothers who partners visit and stop the night. They do this to maximise welfare but this means society is paying for 2 flats for these people.  I know others who get over £60,000 on welfare plus a free house and car by saying they are their partners carer. Yet the wife goes on holiday on her own 2 or 3 times a year.

The Multiculturists who hijacked the Labour party had a policy called racial displacement to create a multicultural Marxist society. White Flight is an example of Ethnic Cleansing and is a crime under International Law.

The New Labour policy of creating a coffee-coloured, dumbed down debt slave race is defined as genocide. New Labour ignored the crimes of white girls being raped or pimped by Muslims which makes them an accessory to this crime.

Tony Blair let in over 1 million none EU economic migrants and housed them all over London for Gerrymandering reasons and to create this Multicultural London he desired. Many were homed in 1 million pound homes and will never be able to work as they can’t afford the rents if they work.

We need to change the welfare system there should be a maximum of rent that can be paid and welfare cap should be applied to all. We have created a society with one rule for the English and another for foreigners. Foreigners can have more than one wife. If an English man walks out of a job he loses welfare payments yet foreigners can cite religious reasons and get welfare. We also need to stop giving social housing to people who don’t work. I know some who use the magic word homeless and get social housing flats straight away even though they are not homeless.

Many I have recently seen on TV living in London and living in social housing come from third world countries like Egypt – When was Egypt at war and what gives all these economic migrants a right to free social housing in expensive areas of London? Africans are being allowed into Europe as Syrian refugees! When did Syrians look like Africans? Also Saudi Arabia is much closer to Syria than the Germany and has Sharia Laws so why do refugees prefer Germany or the UK?

Africa has plenty of safe lands so no African should ever be given asylum we give them plenty of money in aid.