History lesson – they lie.

The Bible says that Noah build an Ark and put two of every animal onboard so they would survive the great flood. So why didn’t the lions eat the antelopes?

The Sumerian tablets get closer to the truth they say that the Annunaki put the seeds (DNA) of all animals on a ship to survive a flood. They also say how modern man was created by genetically crossing the Annunaki with human life forms on earth.

There was once just one continent called Pangaea that broke apart. Egyptian relics have been found in the Grand Canyon and many places in the Grand Canyon have Egyptian names like the Temple of Isis. If you map the high areas of the Canyon then they match a star constellation. The pyramids in South America also would not have been far from Egypt in the ancient world. We know there are pyramids on Mars and plenty of water within the earth even 2Km down. The Bible tells of the Nephilim Giants who roamed the earth. Many humanoid skeletons have been found over 9 feet in height.

The only purpose of education at school seems to educate people to operate machines yet they don’t develop spirituality or an open mind that will question what is the truth we are being told.

The education system does not educate it keeps us dumb cattle. Many American presidents are direct decedents of Charlemagne.