Anders Behring Breivik killed many children on an island in Denmark. These children were the children of liberal politicians who wanted more mass migration into Denmark. It is a pity he felt he had to take this course of action but when politician don’t listen to peoples concerns then people get angry!

Under the Dublin Accord refugees should have claimed asylum in the first safe country they arrivein. By not doing so they become economic migrants. Most head for UK, Germany, Nordic Countries as we have best welfare systems and give child benefit and free housing. Yet many want Sharia laws but don’t choose Saudi Arabia which is closer to their country of origin. Africa also has many safe lands.

What people don’t know is the EU was palanned in 1922 by Richard Nikolaus Eijiro, Count of Coudenhove-Kalergi. Merkel has won the Kalergi prize. The Klaergi plan was mass destruction of European Nations and people and is in effect white genocide. He wanted mass migration from Africa and Muslim lands to create a new mixed slave race to serve the New World Order in the USA. It was the CIA and Jewish freemasons who put the plan for the EU back into action. To understand we need to follow the money. Who benefits from this plan? The Zionists always hated the English and Germans as we invent things and make money from these inventions. Yet througout history after the French revolution the Jews rose to power in Europe and made money from money lending. The Rothchild family sent 4 sons to set up banks in 4 different European capitals. They made money from supplying gold to troops at Waterloo. The ROtchilds financed the Bolshevik Revolution that killed 60 million white Russian Christians. Most of the Bolsheviks even Lenin had Jewish bloodlines. Rothchilds made money from supplying German Hessian Mercenaries to fight English in War between Americans and English in USA. The name Rothchild means red shield a symbol associated with the planet Saturn and thus Satanism. They run parties for powerful people involving underage girls and boys and even people have been killed and tortured at these parties.

If we look at mess Sweden is now in thanks to Liberal Politicians welcoming in rapists and criminal immigrants – they have many no go zones now. Rape never really existed in Sweden until mass migration now Swedish women have to dye their blonde hair black. You won’t read about these rapes and crimes in Sweden. You won’t get the BBC doing a program on Bolshevik Revolution or is migration good?

Was Breivik so mad after all he was a proud patriot. There is nothing wrong with Nationalism. Most Nationalists are just patriots and don’t want to invade other countries but they also want to preseve their culture and not become an ethnic minority. France soon will become an Islamic county. Engish are all ready an Ethnic Minority in Londonistan.

Until the Satanic Cult called the Rothchilds and those in bed with them are wiped out and taken to the tower and hanged for treason then this mass migration will continue and children of Kalergi will be everywhere. Jewish media is always showing black men dating white women in the idea of promoting mixed race babies and telling white women that having white babies is second best.