Genocide of Christians

Most Americans don’t realize that Christians residing in the Middle East are on the verge of extinction. Ancient communities that have existed for more than 2,000 years are being completely eradicated, and in Iraq alone, the Christian population has plummeted from one million, to under 275,000 in the last 12 years.
This is genocide. And it is being swept under the rug by American media outlets.
This past March, the U.S. State Department has even officially deemed this homicidal and methodical operation genocide, yet the news media still underreports or ignores this burgeoning threat entirely. The Islamic State’s attacks are not aimless or sporadic, they are carefully orchestrated in order to eventually achieve full obliteration of Christians worldwide. These systematic acts of barbarity have wiped out entire Christian neighborhoods and villages, as well as holy sites on behalf of “cultural cleansing.”
Priests, nuns, and worshippers alike are tortured, beheaded, crucified and burned alive in dozens of Muslim countries, yet only a fragment of news outlets will address it. Some traditional print outlets have covered this terror, but America’s top news sources still shamefully neglect to do so. ABC, NBC, and CBS only intermittently report on this historical calamity, and that is why I am reaching out to you today.
We at ACT for America, respectfully call on the media, especially broadcast networks, to start covering this atrocity and naming it for what it is: genocide. It is their duty as journalists, and their moral obligation to American citizens to do so.
Together, we can and will move forward out of this dark time of dithering and lack of resolve. The time has come for the people of this great country to stand up to this unprecedented evil that threatens to take innocent lives and destroy entire civilizations. This is a war on Christians, and we have to name it for what it is. By turning away from this monstrosity, we are also turning our backs on America’s future.
Join us in this crucial undertaking today, and call on your local news outlet to #CoverTheGenocide. The future of all Christians around the world is hanging in the balance, and we can only thwart this inhumanity when the media chooses to expose it for what it is.
Always devoted,
Brigitte Gabriel Founder & President ACT for America