Why wouldn’t it be? Sweden is living under Islamic law. It’s not just Sweden — it’s all EU countries. The ISIS flag is not hate speech, but Geert Wilders’ opposition to jihad terror and sharia is. He is going on trial again in the Netherlands. That is Islamic law.

Robert Spencer and I am banned from the UK, but jihad hate preachers come and go as they please. The West is laying down.

“Swedish court allows the flying of ISIS flag,” RT, 16 Oct, 2016 (thanks to Armaros):

A Swedish court has dismissed a case against a Muslim man accused of inciting racial hatred for flying an Islamic State flag because it is not an expression of hate speech.

The now 23-year-old from Laholm, in Halland County posted a photo of himself posing with the flag as his Facebook profile picture in December 2015, but removed it when it was reported to police in March.

The Syrian-born man was facing felony charges of inciting racial hatred, but Prosecutor Gisela Sjovalls said she had made the decision to drop the charges “after careful consideration back and forth,” reports Hallandsposten.