Not many people know that the EU was planned in 1922 for the purpose of a New World Order and Genocide of White Europeans. This is the main reason I voted Brexit. In most countries illegal migrants are deported straight away. Yet in the Uk they are taken to Asylum Reception and allowed to claim Asylum even though they are criminals. They are given welfare and the Home Office Joint Tenancy Agreement shows they get free phone calls and free TV. They should be locked up in prison. They are allowed to claim asylum over and over again and Lawyers get legal Aid to defend them and become very rich as a result of this.

These migrants are allowed to stay as it is part of the Kalergi plan for genocide by creating a mixed race – Genocide is illegal under the UN convention. Already English a minority in Londonistan and many children are mixed race children that Kalergi wanted. Jewish Media is always showing black men dating white women in the hope of brainwashing white women not to have white babies. White men are shown as weak in the media.

To understand who is behind the NWO we follow the money. The Rothchild’s got very rich supplying gold to troops at Waterloo. They supplied Hessian Mercenaries to kill English in USA. They financed Bolshevik Revolution that killed 60 million white Russian Christians.

Most Bolshevik’s including Lenin had Jewish ancestry. The Jews rose to power in Europe from the Ghetto in the French Revolution.  The Rothchild family own half our planets wealth. The name Rothchild means Red Shield and is a symbol of the planet Saturn associated with Satanism. It is no surprise to learn Rothchilds run Satanic party’s involving underage children and there is evidence that snuff movie’s have bean made. As the Maque de Sade once wrote about how he paid a peasant girl to visit his friends then tortured her.

I think the EU owes us money we don’t want free trade lets put a tariff on German and French cars and use money to support British manufacturing. Merkel has won Kalergi prize and she is also a Bolshevik. Another evil man George Soros has used his money to create chaos in Europe almost damaging Sterling as a result.

We need all those who have helped White Genocide to be put on trial. Also those allowing illegals to stay are committing treason any of these could be a terrorist so these traitors should face hanging.

THE BBC is left wing biased they use images of dead Syrian boy washed on beach in Greece – yet he lived safely in Turkey for 5 years and then his dad took body back to Syria for burial. So Syria not so deadly after all.

Why is Saudi Arabia not helping Muslim migrants they can build Mosques all over Europe?

The BBC is only giving new jobs to Ethnic minorities, disabled, bi, gay, Lesbian, TG people and women. So only hope a white Hetro-sexual man has of gettign an interview is to put Black Lesbian with one leg on the application form.

I think one big reason child abuse is not investigated is because Freemasons, Senior Police, Judges and yes politicians abuse under age boys and girls at parties. Even one of Prince Andrews friends supplied underage girls.

A vice policemen who discovered very young girls being kept on boats in London and forced to use crack cocaine was removed from his job because he was too good.

Nigel FARAGE – 8th Parliamentary term
FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – AUGUST 10: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks during his campaign event at the BB&T Center on August 10, 2016 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Trump continued to campaign for his run for president of the United States. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)