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Lorry parks under siege from the migrants desperate to reach UK

MIGRANTS insisted yesterday they will reach Britain by “whatever means possible” as Calais fills up once more with hundreds of asylum seekers. BULLSIT ECONOMIC AFRICAM MIGRANTS ALLOWED INTO UK AS PART OF KALERGI PLAN. AFRICA HAS LOTS OF SAFE LANDS. ENGLAND IS TOO FULL ALREADY WE WILL SEE CIVIL WAR.

There are now 700 refugees in the area, all of whom have returned for a chance to cross the Channel illegally.

The alarming spike in numbers has sparked a huge security alert, with UK-bound truckers and tourists warned to expect trouble as they approach the busy port. TIME TO MACHINE GUN ANY OF THESE COULD BE TERRORISTS SPLINTER CELLS.

Experts who have witnessed the migrant surge said the crisis was “deteriorating rapidly” and is now in danger of “spiralling out of control”.

After a six-month lull the threat was evident yesterday as gangs lurked in busy lorry parks. In what has become a worryingly familiar sight, the Daily Express saw groups of young men trying to clamber into the back of UK-bound vehicles parked at truck stops.

Dozens more crouched under motorway bridges, while in woods close to the ferry terminal numbers have swelled so quickly in the past week that police are now overrun and powerless to act.

Richard Burnett, chief executive of the Road Haulage Association, said: “I have spent the past 48 hours in Calais and Dunkirk with the Daily Express and have seen many trucks targeted by migrants.

“Such is their desperation to reach the UK their actions are no longer confined to the hours of darkness.

“I was in Calais nine weeks ago and we had to travel 40 miles before we found any migrants. In the last few days alone the number of migrants in the town itself has doubled.

“Those we spoke to believe there to be 700 in the same situation as themselves – all intent on reaching the UK by whatever means possible.

“If French authorities don’t contain the situation we’ll be back to square one with not enough security.”

The arrivals have prompted officials to issue an urgent plea for more police as fears grow of a return to last year’s violence and chaos when 10,000 lived in the notorious “Jungle” camp, which has been dismantled.

Somalian teenager Abdu Aziz made his way back to Calais after he was evicted from the Jungle last October.

He was transferred to a reception centre 330 miles away in Rennes, but has returned after failing to persuade authorities he was a vulnerable minor who should be taken to the UK.

Like many in Calais, he initially arrived in Europe on a boat crossing the Mediterranean from Libya. From Italy he made it to Germany where he caught a train to Strasbourg and then to northern France.

He said: “I was not successful so I’ve come back to reach the UK. I want to get to Wembley in London because my family are there. I am back and I will keep trying.”

In nearby woods Eritrean migrant Christian Belete said: “It doesn’t matter how we get there – car, truck, we try. We want to go to Britain because opportunity is there.”

Mr Burnett added: “The situation is deteriorating rapidly and in danger of spiralling out of control. “The safety of tourists and HGV drivers is of paramount importance.


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