Is George Soros the most evil and dangerous man on the planet?

The former youthful Nazi collaborator has grown into the billionaire financier and “one-man Illuminati machine”!

He is the chief funder of subversive organisations and operations ranging from Black Lives Matter to the flooding of Europe with millions of Muslim fake ‘refugees’.

Soros is simultaneously funding both the deeply undemocratic campaign to oust President Trump AND the drive to destroy Christian Europe.

This man MUST BE STOPPED! Will you back those who are prepared to take him on or do nothing?

In between these two monstrous campaigns, he finds the time and money to fund literally hundreds of ultra-liberal and cultural Marxist attacks on tradition and Christian values.

The very latest to be exposed is a sick billboard campaign encouraging little children in Spain to want to change gender. Talk about twisted!

But although the is growing awareness of some of his most outrageous projects, no-one has yet pieced together a coherent picture of what Soros is really doing, or why.

But until this is done, until he is fully exposed, resistance to his evil schemes will remain patchy and ineffective.

So there it is, we will fight this evil man but will YOU help by contributing to funding the conference?

Which is why the Knight Templar International are pleased to be sponsoring the first ever international ‘Stop Soros’ conference but we do need assistance from you to do this dear friend.

We can all contribute something, yes some special members can put in £500 or $1,000 but we also rely on those who chip in the £10 or $20 contributions. These are VITAL , are you with us?

This is being organised by the Hungarian Identitisz youth movement and will take place in Budapest on Saturday 18th March. Speakers will include MPs, journalists, researchers and the leaders of traditionalist NGOs.

We are all united in our determination to expose and Stop Soros and his evil, nation-wrecking schemes. But we need you to help us make this a success.

Will you make a small donation to help these brave young men take on, expose and kick George Soros out of our Countries? If God has blessed you and you feel strongly about this maybe you will invest 1,000 or more in these young men who are our future leaders as they take on one of the world’s most powerful puppet masters?

C’mon , let’s get behind these guys and kick Soros O U T !