Finally, I have received a call from Paul!

As you know, Britain first leader, Paul Golding was sent to PRISON for confronting a radical Islamic preacher, right here in Britain.

Paul was given a sentence of 8 weeks to serve in one of Britain’s notoriously rough, Muslim dominated prisons.

Over 3 weeks had passed and I had NO CONTACT with Paul!

Our legal team were able to confirm that the messages I had sent to Paul and letters he had sent to me were NOT BEING DELIVERED.

I even arranged for a number of books to be delivered to the prison, none of which have been given to him!

Britain First

Now, finally, after 3 long weeks, Paul has been allowed to make a phone call!

Our legal team told me Paul is currently on 23 hour lockdown, I stand corrected.

Paul is, in fact, on 24 HOUR LOCKDOWN! He told me himself that he has been locked in the same cell for over 3 weeks!

During that time, you may recall, I had arranged a visit to see Paul, but when I arrived at the prison I was told to GO AWAY and there was NO WAY I would get to see Paul.

Well it seems their games did not stop there – just one day after my planned visit – Paul was handed a note from the prison stating that I had FAILED TO TURN UP!

Britain First

Paul was not given long to speak to me whilst he had prison guards surrounding him.

He did say that, when he arrived at the prison, he received some “aggravation” and has been locked away in a filthy, dark and dingy cell ever since.

Our legal team have maintained constant pressure to have Paul released from his 8 week sentenced as early as possible.

I am waiting for them to confirm his release date ANY DAY NOW!

Britain First

Paul gave me a message to pass on to you Adrian, and that is, quite simply: “NO SURRENDER!”

Paul is being dragged through the mill, persecuted and tested at every given opportunity but all that is doing is strengthening his passion and determination to fight for our country!

I hope you will stand with him Adrian, and become a part of the fastest growing patriotic movement in Britain, which Paul has built from scratch!

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Yours sincerely,

Britain First

Jayda Fransen
Acting Leader