Central Banks are Fraud

How can you pay off a debt with a debt? This is fraud. Yet all money in circulation is debt! The whole banking system is a fraud. When you get a mortgage or a loan they don’t have any money to lend you. The Dollar is worth a Dollar plus the debt put on it by the Central Bank – The Federal Reserve this is not a Federal bank and it has no reserves it is a private bank. The Central banks love war as Governments need to buy weapons and then pay back the loan from central bank plus the interest (debt) put on the loan. We have alternatives to real money like Bitcoin but soon these will be shut down as Central Banks will say Bitcoin is used by terrorists and Money launderers. The Central Banks are the real terrorists enslaving us all with debt. In the UK every time you deposit a £1 in a bank they can lend out £10 so inflation also built into this system.