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Dear Templar Brothers and Sisters

We’re delighted to be sending you this special video report below outlining the huge behind-the-scenes political influence of the Knights Templar International. Now you know WHY you are a Templar!

Our roles in helping secure both the historic Brexit victory in the UK, and the election of President Trump, are clearly laid out in this short, punchy presentation.

As you’re watching it, you’ll remember with pride the fact that our contribution to these stunning victories for the Forces of Light over the dark forces of the so-called ‘New World Order’ was only possible thanks to YOUR support and generosity.

I thank in particular all those KTI members who renew their annual membership promptly, all our loyal and generous donors, and everyone helping to build our enormous social media influence by forwarding and sharing our message online.

It all helps to make these victories possible, so I thank you personally from the bottom of my heart.

The video we have compiled for you is made up of clips from an in-depth news report made by major British news outlet Channel 4.

This is a liberal station, which has no sympathy for our traditionalist, Christian, and patriotic positions at all; so when they say that the Knights Templar International were key players in Brexit and the Trump Revolution, then we all know it’s true.

The same is the case with mainstream liberal newspapers such as the New York Times, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and the London Times – all of which have given major prominence (including even front pages) to our work and its impact.

We know that, because our thousands of members are spread all over the world, it is sometimes a little difficult to remember that, as a Knight Templar, you are part of something very much bigger than any of us,.

Because, together, we have made, are making and will go on to make, real differences out in the real world. Together, we get good things done!

This tradition of militant, intelligent, successful action in Good Cause is key to this Order. As Christian Warriors we use the latest skills and technology to resist liberalism, Marxism and Islamic aggression and to improve the lives of all those who come into contact with this Order.

And, as you will see in this video below, we are true to this Templar tradition as well as to the eternal values of the Knights Templar! Deus Vult!


Thank you and God bless


S. McBride
KTI Commander


VIDEO – No More Mosques in Stoke

David Furness, the BNP candidate for Stoke-on-Trent Central in the upcoming parliamentary by-election, has vowed to stop all future mosque plans and developments in Stoke-on-Trent if voters support him.
Watch David’s video here.


The BNP is launching a massive push for this election and support, so far, for David has been incredible – now we need to keep the pressure on.
Please show your support by donating all you can to this urgent snap by-election appeal.
Donate online here or donate over the phone by calling 0844 809 4581 now.

Anyone wanting to help out with this vital election push, email David here.

help the homeless – when sun goes into deliahla and is born again as sam sun

Britain First

Dear Adrian,

This Christmas, a significant number of homeless people will be sleeping rough on the streets of Tunbridge Wells in Kent.

Myself and a small team of Britain First activists visited the town to hand out food, warm clothes and Christmas gifts to the local British homeless.

Please watch the shocking full video report:

Britain First

Yours sincerely,

Britain First

Jayda Fransen
Acting Leader

PS: If the video image above doesn’t work, please use the link below:


BF appeal

The clock is ticking and we now have only THREE DAYS to go until Jayda Fransen will be on trial in Luton for a bunch of Mickey Mouse charges.

As you can see below, we are about half way to our target:

Target: £15,000
Raised so far: £9,100
Time left: 3 days
Patriot Name: YOU
Suggested action: Chip in £10

This matter is now extremely serious and urgent – after all, six days is not a long time and we still have to prepare a thorough legal defence for three separate charges.

Britain First

Our legal representatives keep asking me if we will be able to fund Jayda’s legal defence, but at the moment that depends on you

Jayda needs your help and needs it NOW.

It’s bad enough going into a trial facing a possible prison sentence knowing you have done nothing wrong, but it is made far worse with a big legal bill hanging over you.

Britain First

We can help relieve the pressure on Jayda.

Please spare whatever you can, even if it’s £5, as every penny counts, but please do not turn this email away and close it, Jayda is depending on us:


Halal slaughter was created to make animals suffer in agony as long as possible before they die.

Animals have their throats slit then they are left to bleed out in excruciating pain.

For meat to be ‘Halal’, the animal must be alive, intact and its heart beating, the slaughtering must be done in the presence of a Muslim, and a declaration, a ‘Shahada’, must be said over the meat at the point of slaughter.

Britain First activists recently invaded and confronted a major Halal centre in London:

Britain First


Yours sincerely,
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First