Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster

Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster

Pet Ownership

Winter Whites are often found on the pet market, in Japan and Europe more so than in North America and indeed are rarely found in pet stores in Canada. Care is similar to that of the Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster. Winter White hamsters make good pets for teens or adults, not for younger children. They are usually more friendly to humans than other hamsters, and are less likely to bite. Due to a hamsters poor eyesight the risk of falling or jumping off your hand is high. Compared to other dwarf hamsters, they are also more aggressive and territorial to their cage mates. Winter White hamsters which could have some Campbells ancestry should not be fed food containing sources of monosaccharides because of the risk of developing diabetes mellitus.

Pearl Winter White – Front

Pearl Winter White – Side

Pearl Winter White – Rear

Pearl Winter White – Face

Russian Winter White in a jar

“Bull Winter White Shwi-shwi”

Feeding your Winter White properly is very important. They need to have constant access to a properly formulated hamster food. Most major brands provide all the nutrition a little hammy needs, and they should live a very long life on those alone. That said, you can of course supplement with small amounts of healthy treats such as carrots, broccoli, washed dandelion leaves, and most other vegetables that are not over-ripe (but very very small amounts of iceberg lettuce). Occasional ham and chicken (very small amounts) is appreciated as well. Avoid sticky foods, apart from a very small amount of cooled thick porridge (which they love, and is very good for them as an occasional treat) especially in their old age. Uneaten fresh food should be removed daily. Beware that some flowers found in domestic houses and gardens are poisonous to hamsters.

Water is the most important of all, as fresh water is needed regularly. You must make sure to change the water in the bottle at least once a week. If travelling with a hamster, remove the bottle so it doesn’t drip, but add a piece of fruit or veg with a high water-content (such as cucumber) to their cage for the journey, and replace their bottle as soon as you arrive.

Boys may fight a bit so it is best to put them together as soon as the cage is ready but not a couple of days after the other. Be careful to give them plenty to do, wooden playgrounds and a working wheel or they could result in playfighting through boredom.


In general, dwarf hamsters typically have more of a family structure than the Syrian Hamster. However, this may be a result of a frequent confusion of the Winter Whites and the Campbell’s hamsters. Current research suggests biparental care in Campbell’s hamsters (Phodopus campbelli) but not in Winter Whites (Phodopus sungorus). Some report that same-sex pairs and larger groups do not always get along well and frequent fighting may occur and be a great distress for them, or even lead to death. Most winter white dwarf hamsters grow to 3 to 4″ long. In the winter their fur turns almost completely white. They usually breed between April and September.


There are several phases (colorations) of Winter White hamsters: their normal (dark brownish-grey colouring) or sapphire (blue-grey colouring). A white pattern called pearl (white with coloured hairs) sometimes exists in either phase, producing the normal pearl or sapphire pearl forms. However, these colours may be difficult to find, and the range of colours is much narrower than in the case of the Campbell’s.

Winter White hamsters, also called Siberian hamsters, come from the steppes of Siberia and Kazakhstan and possess an adaptation not seen in Campbells: they can moult into a white winter coat. This camouflages them against the snow and also gives them their name. This moulting is brought on by the amount of day light; if the hamster is kept in an environment with is mediated through the nocturnal secretion of melatonin, the hormone

Normal colouration.

Campbell’s/Winter White Hybrids

Of the five species kept commonly as pets, only the Campbells and Winter Whites are able to interbreed and produce live offspring (hybrids). Hybrids are most often unknowingly produced through incorrect identification of the two similar species of hamsters, and unfortunately the number of hybrids is increasing particularly within pet shops in many countries today where they are often mislabeled as being one or other of the pure species.

Although hybrids make suitable pets, the breeding of hybrids should be avoided as it can cause health and birthing problems, and also the widespread breeding and distribution of hybrids could threaten the existence of both pure species in captivity. Therefore, if intending to breed Russian hamsters, it is important to ensure that both hamsters being bred are a pure form of and of the same species to avoid producing hybrids.


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^ Food for your hamster

^ Hamsterlopaedia by Chris and Peter Logsdail

^ Research by Dr. Katherine Wynne-Edwards at Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada

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Winter White Hamsters

Russian Dwarf Hamsters

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For the past century, the lefties (fill in your preferred label: statists, progressives, socialists, liberals… they are all shoes that fit) have slowly been moving America away from free-market liberty and toward nanny-state authoritarianism. When you realize this, you see that politics, culture, economics, and information are all interlocked pillars of their agenda. I mean, really, how do you wrest control from an individual of her own life when once she’s realized it? You have to make her believe your control over her is actually better than her own control of her destiny. You need bogeymen and bad guys. As former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel famously let slip, “you never want to let a crisis go to waste.”

So the nearly-immediate spinning of the tragic shooting in Arizona this past weekend was inevitable. The statist machine, using each of its pillars of politics, culture, economics and media, need you to believe that the senseless act was actually a deliberate attack on America. By whom? Why, by their foes on the right, of course.

His fans in the media have been implying for months that Barack Obama needed “an Oklahoma City” – some catastrophically evil event that could be blamed on some allegedly-right-wing kook – some new crazy person to be the next Tim McVeigh. Saturday, when just such a kook gunned down a U.S. congresswoman, a federal judge, and several others in Tucson, they found just that. And the fact that the 22-year-old disturbed perpetrator could just as well be described as a left-wing nut job as he could a right-winger (and, indeed, given the apolitical writings he left behind, could equally be described as a Martian) is an inconvenient fact the left-wing media chooses not to mention.

Instead, within hours of the shooting, I heard talking heads on liberal “news” networks saying it was probably the right’s “hate speech” (meaning, anything publicly uttered which could be construed as disagreement with liberalism) that motivated this shooter. “Back in the 1960s and 1970s, sure, most of the violent stuff came from the Left… but now it’s coming from the Right!” they howled. Paul Krugman, a noted liberal “economist,” went so far as to proclaim that, while no proof existed of it, the whole tragic affair was probably the result of conservative rhetoric (he did so in no less prominent a forum than the New York Times’ web site, and within two hours of the shooting).

Again, these folks are unencumbered by the need for factual accuracy. Nowhere did the shooter leave writings of a right-wing political nature. He did not mention any of a variety of people or news outlets who were assigned culpability for his actions by the liberal mainstream media. In fact, he even mentioned a fondness for the Communist Manifesto (bet you didn’t hear that on the liberal news!).

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