Dear {{{first_name}}},

I have some bad news for you this evening:

Due to the repressive bail conditions imposed on deputy leader Jayda Fransen and I, we are unable to send you the latest issue of our newspaper.

Britain First

We have been completely banned from mentioning a certain campaign we have been running in Kent recently.

Unfortunately, the latest issue of our newspaper contains a full page report of this campaign!

At the same time, due to police sabotage, we have been forced to change the date of our upcoming protest march in Birmigham.

For both these reasons, we have been forced to make changes to this issue and get it re-printed!

We estimate you will have the latest issue dispatched to you by next Wednesday, 24th May.

We apologise for the inconvenience!

Yours sincerely,

Britain First

Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

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Retired Ghurkha’s have earned the right to live in the U.K and should receive the same pension as any other British Soldier. The British Army should be recruiting more of these brave hero’s.

We have people who have retired to Jamaica coming back to the U.K just so their pension increases. Then we have people retiring here who have never paid a penny in tax just so they can use the NHS in their old age.

We give millions in Foreign Aid to Africa which increases our National Debt and thus we pay interest on this money. Yet we still see millions of young African men getting to the UK and being given asylum.  Many get luxury housing and also welfare. They jump housing lists before British citizens.

Last time I looked Africa was a giant continent and has many safe lands. So why is the E.U providing a free ferry service for people who are just economic migrants. All should never be granted asylum and returned back to their lands of origin.  Saudi Arabia has the Sharia Laws most Muslims want to live under – so why don’t these Muslim refugees move to Saudi Arabia?

We have seen an increase of women being raped across Europe due to these refugees and also grooming gangs now operating in the U.K. They get away with this behaviour thanks to our Politically Correct culture.


TEMPLAR NEWS – Trump, Le Pen and the end of politics


The latest Templar News gives a damning indictment on the ability or willingness of politicians to really deliver on their promises and on the hopes of those who elect them.

So Americans are not going to get the Beautiful Wall they voted for, though they may just get what CNN calls “beautiful missiles” starting the very ugly war they voted against. And as for France, well, watch and see for yourself….

If you are not a member, you really need to join the fight… TODAY!

Thank you and God bless

S. McBride
KTI Commander

Time to hang the terrorists with a dead pig.

The barrage of terrorism against the West shows no sign of slowing down.

Two Islamist suspects planning a “violent and imminent attack” have been arrested in Marseille, southern France.

Britain First

One of the attackers has recently converted to Islam, according media reports.

Then yesterday, in Fresno, California, three people are killed in a shooting spree by a Muslim gunman called Kori Ali Muhammad who shouted ‘Allah Akbar’.

A week ago Islamists bombed a bus carrying the Borussia Dortmund football team.

Britain First

Something needs to be done about this avalanche of Islamic extremism that is engulfing the West.

Britain First is on the frontline of this battle.

We are a tough, battle hardened movement that has a proven track record of confronting Islamists, hate preachers, terrorists and traitors.

Britain First

We need your help And and we need it now.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Please get behind our frontline activists and persecuted leadership by choosing one of the options below.

Every little helps, so please help out today:

Yours sincerely,

Britain First

Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First



Is George Soros the most evil and dangerous man on the planet?

The former youthful Nazi collaborator has grown into the billionaire financier and “one-man Illuminati machine”!

He is the chief funder of subversive organisations and operations ranging from Black Lives Matter to the flooding of Europe with millions of Muslim fake ‘refugees’.

Soros is simultaneously funding both the deeply undemocratic campaign to oust President Trump AND the drive to destroy Christian Europe.

This man MUST BE STOPPED! Will you back those who are prepared to take him on or do nothing?

In between these two monstrous campaigns, he finds the time and money to fund literally hundreds of ultra-liberal and cultural Marxist attacks on tradition and Christian values.

The very latest to be exposed is a sick billboard campaign encouraging little children in Spain to want to change gender. Talk about twisted!

But although the is growing awareness of some of his most outrageous projects, no-one has yet pieced together a coherent picture of what Soros is really doing, or why.

But until this is done, until he is fully exposed, resistance to his evil schemes will remain patchy and ineffective.

So there it is, we will fight this evil man but will YOU help by contributing to funding the conference?

Which is why the Knight Templar International are pleased to be sponsoring the first ever international ‘Stop Soros’ conference but we do need assistance from you to do this dear friend.

We can all contribute something, yes some special members can put in £500 or $1,000 but we also rely on those who chip in the £10 or $20 contributions. These are VITAL , are you with us?

This is being organised by the Hungarian Identitisz youth movement and will take place in Budapest on Saturday 18th March. Speakers will include MPs, journalists, researchers and the leaders of traditionalist NGOs.

We are all united in our determination to expose and Stop Soros and his evil, nation-wrecking schemes. But we need you to help us make this a success.

Will you make a small donation to help these brave young men take on, expose and kick George Soros out of our Countries? If God has blessed you and you feel strongly about this maybe you will invest 1,000 or more in these young men who are our future leaders as they take on one of the world’s most powerful puppet masters?

C’mon , let’s get behind these guys and kick Soros O U T !


Millions of migrants are pouring into Europe and changing the makeup of our towns and cities.

Islamist grooming gangs are raping and sexually abusing thousands of British girls across the country on an industrial scale.

Britain First

Britain is dotted with Muslim-dominated ‘No Go Zones’, mega mosques, halal slaughterhouses and Sharia courts.

Ten thousand homeless veterans sleep rough while immigrants who have never paid a penny into the system are housed and given benefits.

Hundreds of thousands of pensioners who have paid tax all their lives freeze each winter, while we spent billions of pounds on ‘foreign aid’.

British culture, history and traditions are suppressed and labelled ‘racist’ while local councils spend hundreds of millions of pounds celebrating Ramadan and Eid.

Britain First

Millions of unemployed British citizens struggle to find work and survive because they are being undercut by Third World cheap labour that is pouring across our open borders.

Britain First is no ordinary political group.

We are a ‘Declaration of War’ against the corrupt, rotten establishment that is dismantling our beloved, sacred nation.

We hate politicians, lying journalists and Islamist extremists.

Britain First

We love the British people and want to see our country preserved and passed down to future generations.

I am sure you are disgusted with what is happening to our country and the good news is there are ways to help fight back.

Below are a range of different ways you can help the cause.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something so I implore you to choose a ‘Patriot Weapon’ below and get behind the British fightback:

Yours sincerely,

Britain First

Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

Labour Party

When The Labour Party had cheap membership £3 per person. A lot of None Labour Activists joined and voted for Corbyn. The reason was to sabotage the chance of the Labour Party ever being elected again. The plan seems to have worked. Corby is niave to think he got a mandate from genuine Labour supporters to be the leader with his brand of Communist policies. The Socialist Workers Magazine also helped him gain power.

The truth is under Tony Blair the Labour Party proved they did not represent those who Labour for a living – the working man. The country had open door immigration which lowered the wages of British workers especially in low skilled jobs. The Labour Party is pro-immigration but care more for those who live on welfare. Those who never work are given large free social housing by Labour Councils especially economic migrants who were given expensive homes in London.

If Labour is to be elected again they must help the working man first. Corbyn also is a danger as he does not beleive in shooting terrorists who may commit mass murder.



help the fight

Recently, a High Court judge sent me to prison for confronting a hate preacher who said it’s okay for Muslims to keep sex slaves – he also ordered me to pay legal costs of £11,500.

I have to pay this huge amount personally.

Unless I pay this amount myself within a short time frame, I will end up back in prison for a long time.

Here is the current state of play:

Target: £11,500
Raised so far: £4,890
Patriot Name: you the reader of this..
Suggested action: Chip in £10

Can you help me out here, just a little bit, by making a donation that will help me pay the bill?

Believe me, I am determined to fight and struggle for Britain to the bitter end, regardless of what happens to me personally, even if they try and assassinate me.

To chip in and help me out, please choose an option below:

I would like to thank you in advance for helping me.

Yours sincerely,

Britain First

Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First


VIDEO – No More Mosques in Stoke

David Furness, the BNP candidate for Stoke-on-Trent Central in the upcoming parliamentary by-election, has vowed to stop all future mosque plans and developments in Stoke-on-Trent if voters support him.
Watch David’s video here.


The BNP is launching a massive push for this election and support, so far, for David has been incredible – now we need to keep the pressure on.
Please show your support by donating all you can to this urgent snap by-election appeal.
Donate online here or donate over the phone by calling 0844 809 4581 now.

Anyone wanting to help out with this vital election push, email David here.


Telford has been dubbed the “New Rotherham” because of the scale of the Muslim grooming gang horrors that have unfolded in the town.

Britain First is holding a protest march in the town on Saturday 25th February.

HQ has just released a rousing new video promoting our forthcoming protest.

Please click on the image/link below and watch this awesome video:

Britain First

Yours sincerely,

Britain First

Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

PS: If the video image above doesn’t work, please use the link below: