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Britain First

We have been completely banned from mentioning a certain campaign we have been running in Kent recently.

Unfortunately, the latest issue of our newspaper contains a full page report of this campaign!

At the same time, due to police sabotage, we have been forced to change the date of our upcoming protest march in Birmigham.

For both these reasons, we have been forced to make changes to this issue and get it re-printed!

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Jayda and I were arrested in a police ambush in Kent on Wednesday night, but we refuse to be intimidated!

We are now living in a ‘Police State’ but we cannot give in or surrender.

Thanks to a new range of extreme bail conditions, we cannot discuss the reason why we were arrested – how ridiculous is that?

We are bailed to go back to the police station on Saturday 3rd June, the same day as our Birmingham protest march!

How vindictive is that? They have completely sabotaged our protest in Birmingham!

This is a political witch hunt, nothing more.

However, they can get stuffed if they think we will crumble and abandon our campaign to save our country!

We have launched an immediate legal ‘Fighting Fund’ and we need your help Adrian to reach our target:

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Time to hang the terrorists with a dead pig.

The barrage of terrorism against the West shows no sign of slowing down.

Two Islamist suspects planning a “violent and imminent attack” have been arrested in Marseille, southern France.

Britain First

One of the attackers has recently converted to Islam, according media reports.

Then yesterday, in Fresno, California, three people are killed in a shooting spree by a Muslim gunman called Kori Ali Muhammad who shouted ‘Allah Akbar’.

A week ago Islamists bombed a bus carrying the Borussia Dortmund football team.

Britain First

Something needs to be done about this avalanche of Islamic extremism that is engulfing the West.

Britain First is on the frontline of this battle.

We are a tough, battle hardened movement that has a proven track record of confronting Islamists, hate preachers, terrorists and traitors.

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Is George Soros the most evil and dangerous man on the planet?

The former youthful Nazi collaborator has grown into the billionaire financier and “one-man Illuminati machine”!

He is the chief funder of subversive organisations and operations ranging from Black Lives Matter to the flooding of Europe with millions of Muslim fake ‘refugees’.

Soros is simultaneously funding both the deeply undemocratic campaign to oust President Trump AND the drive to destroy Christian Europe.

This man MUST BE STOPPED! Will you back those who are prepared to take him on or do nothing?

In between these two monstrous campaigns, he finds the time and money to fund literally hundreds of ultra-liberal and cultural Marxist attacks on tradition and Christian values.

The very latest to be exposed is a sick billboard campaign encouraging little children in Spain to want to change gender. Talk about twisted!

But although the is growing awareness of some of his most outrageous projects, no-one has yet pieced together a coherent picture of what Soros is really doing, or why.

But until this is done, until he is fully exposed, resistance to his evil schemes will remain patchy and ineffective.

So there it is, we will fight this evil man but will YOU help by contributing to funding the conference?

Which is why the Knight Templar International are pleased to be sponsoring the first ever international ‘Stop Soros’ conference but we do need assistance from you to do this dear friend.

We can all contribute something, yes some special members can put in £500 or $1,000 but we also rely on those who chip in the £10 or $20 contributions. These are VITAL , are you with us?

This is being organised by the Hungarian Identitisz youth movement and will take place in Budapest on Saturday 18th March. Speakers will include MPs, journalists, researchers and the leaders of traditionalist NGOs.

We are all united in our determination to expose and Stop Soros and his evil, nation-wrecking schemes. But we need you to help us make this a success.

Will you make a small donation to help these brave young men take on, expose and kick George Soros out of our Countries? If God has blessed you and you feel strongly about this maybe you will invest 1,000 or more in these young men who are our future leaders as they take on one of the world’s most powerful puppet masters?

C’mon , let’s get behind these guys and kick Soros O U T !

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VIDEO – No More Mosques in Stoke

David Furness, the BNP candidate for Stoke-on-Trent Central in the upcoming parliamentary by-election, has vowed to stop all future mosque plans and developments in Stoke-on-Trent if voters support him.
Watch David’s video here.


The BNP is launching a massive push for this election and support, so far, for David has been incredible – now we need to keep the pressure on.
Please show your support by donating all you can to this urgent snap by-election appeal.
Donate online here or donate over the phone by calling 0844 809 4581 now.

Anyone wanting to help out with this vital election push, email David here.

Religion of Piss?

Charlie Hebdo editorial offices

Charlie Hebdo editorial offices

Watch watch the media jackals do to this woman — they will do to her what the Muslim murderers failed to do.

“Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre survivor: “We need to stop saying Islam is a religion of peace” By Robert Spencer, October 19, 2016:

As a secular Muslim, Zineb El Rhazoui is allowed to say in the mainstream what others are excoriated as “anti-Muslim extremists” for saying. The truth is true no matter who says it, but in today’s culture of identity politics, it’s truer when coming from racially and culturally approved voices.

Zineb el Rhazoui, Charlie Hebdo survivor, discusses why the world needs to ‘Destroy Islamic Fascism,’” by Emma-Kate Symons, New York Times (of all places), October 18, 2016:

She leads a clandestine existence, on the move and under 24-hour guard as France’s most protected woman. Yet Zineb El Rhazoui, the Charlie Hebdo journalist who happened to be in Casablanca on January 7 last year, the day terrorists “avenging the Prophet” massacred nine people at the satirical magazine in Paris, believes she has a duty to defy Islamists desperate to silence her.

Shaken but undeterred by the fatwas and relentless, precise death threats issued via social media to “kill the bitch” since she helped produce the publication’s first survivors’ issue following the attack — and spoke about it in Arabic for the Arab press — the Moroccan-French writer refuses to assume an anonymous identity. Fleeing Paris or abandoning her human rights activism, and her unforgiving critiques of the religion she grew up with, are also out of the question.


“I don’t have the right to renounce my struggle, or to give up my freedom,” says the reporter and sociologist of religion in an interview with Women in the World, during a recent trip to New York, as part of French president Francois Hollande’s delegation when he received the Appeal of Conscience Foundation’s World Statesman Award for 2016. “If the French state protects me it is not little individual me: What is being protected is my freedom to be irreverent, and freedom of expression, so I should exercise this even more because I enjoy this protection.”

“It’s totally crazy. I have done nothing against the law and have nothing to hide, yet I live with security while those who threaten us are free,” El Rhazoui declares with an air of shock and anger that underscores the arbitrariness and brutality visited on a 34-year-old woman condemned to living on the run and mostly in the shadows. “And if you call them by their names you are Islamophobic and racist. I am racist? I can teach them a few things about Arab culture. I can show them how to discover its richness and the diversity of their culture. I believe this culture deserves universality because you can be Arab, Muslim and a free thinker.”…

Detruire Le Fascisme Islamique (Destroy Islamic Fascism), being released in France this week, takes the battle of ideas directly to the ideologically-driven zealots who inspired the assassins of her dear friend Charb (Stephane Charbonnier), late editor of Charlie Hebdo who preferred “to die standing than to live on my knees.”

Obtained exclusively by Women in the World, the book dedicated to “Muslim atheists” is an unapologetic strike against the strict application of Islam by imitating the first Salafists or “pious ancestors.” The Prophet Mohammed and his companions, whose violent exploits are contained in “bellicose texts from a barbaric 7th-century Bedouin tribal context,” exhibited codes of behavior El Rhazoui insists have no place in the modern world and can be directly connected to terrorism. “The most abject crimes of Islamic State are but a 21st-century remake of what the first Muslims accomplished under the guidance of the Prophet,” she writes, noting that sexual and domestic slavery, the massacre of non-Muslims (notably Jews), pedophilia, pillage, polygamy and summary executions were all adopted from pre-Islamic societies. The book is also the journalist’s way of carrying on the legacy of her dead comrades, who reveled in their right to mock established religion and fanatics everywhere — with Islam no exception to their traditional French anti-clerical ridicule — through satire and caricature.

Formerly the magazine’s religion writer, El Rhazoui is in the throes of joining the exodus of staff breaking from the magazine under its new management. Flush with cash from international donations, the fundamentally altered publication, she disappointedly explained, “will probably never again draw the Prophet” out of fear of more reprisals.

“[And] those who think that only a handful of madmen are capable of killing for a cartoon of Mohammed forget that everywhere that Islam reigns as the religion of the state, caricatures and cartoons in the press are repressed”.

El Rhazoui’s book, dedicated to “Muslim atheists,” is an unapologetic strike against the strict application of Islam.

Religion of peace and love?

“We need to admit that Islamism today is applied Islam,” El Rhazoui — who describes herself as an “atheist of Muslim culture” –writes, responding to politicians, religious figures, Islamophobia opponents and media commentators who claim after every jihadist attack that “real Islam” has nothing to do with such terror.

“When we apply Islam to the letter it gives Islamism, and when we apply Islamism to the letter it gives terrorism. So we need to stop saying Islam is a religion of peace and love. What is a moderate Islamist? An Islamist who doesn’t kill?”

The essay-length book is in the grand French polemical tradition of Emile Zola whose J’accuse denounced the anti-Semitism of the French state and establishment during the Dreyfus Affair, on the eve of the 20th century. El Rhazoui, who holds Moroccan and French citizenship, takes aim at a very 21st-century phenomenon: what she abhors as the “intellectual fraud” of Islamophobia, which pretends to be about anti-racism but in her reckoning is used as a weapon to silence all critics of Islam and the ideas behind it as automatically hostile towards all Muslims. Epitomized by the French Collective Against Islamophobia (CCIF), this deliberate strategy vilifies as Islamophobic voices such as El Rhazoui’s who dare question the religion the CCIF and fellow travelers define only through the prism of their own fundamentalism.

The notion of Islamophobia doesn’t even exist in Muslim countries, the author points out, because outside the West, criticism of the religion or Mohammed is officially “categorized as blasphemy.”

“Unable to pass blasphemy laws in Europe, groups like the CCIF employ a dangerous “semantic confusion,” she said. On the CCIF site it is written “Islamophobia is not an opinion: it is an offense.”

“This is very dangerous because it has even entered the dictionary as hostility towards Islam and Muslims. Yet criticism of an idea, of Islam or of a religion cannot be characterized as an offense or a crime. I was born and lived under the Islam of Morocco and live in France and I have the right criticize religion and this dictatorship of Islamophobia that says I have no right to criticize! If we criticize Christianity it doesn’t mean we are Christianophobes or racist towards the ‘Christian race.’”

The widespread pressure to self-censor is severe, El Rhazoui says.

“You can no longer speak about Islam without saying it’s a religion of peace and love. But when you open any book in Islam what do you find? Violence, blood, oppression of women and hate for other religions.

“Of course you can find this in other religions, however we are talking about something written many centuries ago during a barbaric time for humanity. As long as we don’t talk about this, and keep repeating that Islam is a religion of peace and love, many people will continue to believe the Koran is a constitution, and that rather than being a book written 15 centuries ago reflecting a particular context, it is a legal constitution to apply today.”

Zineb El Rhazoui feels she is carrying on the legacy of her dead Charlie Hebdo comrades.

After completing high school in Morocco, El Rhazoui studied languages and the sociology of religion, obtaining a Master’s degree from Paris’s prestigious social science graduate school EHESS. In her twenties she returned to the country of her birth to work as a journalist at Le Journal Hebdomadaire, becoming a campaigner for secular liberties, such as the right to break the fast and even snack in public during the month of Ramadan. This act of non-violent resistance earned her her first fatwa, ahead of her involvement in the movement supporting the Arab Spring in 2011. The wave of personal attacks and threats that came after her collective protest against Ramadan rules prompted her to leave Morocco again for France where she began to report for Charlie Hebdo, bringing her memories of having “vomited up compulsory religious classes” in a country where “being Muslim is not a choice” unless you’re Jewish or Christian.

Extreme personality cult

So-called Islamic fascism, seen in its most extreme form in groups like ISIS, shares characteristics in common with all extreme-right fascisms, El Rhazoui argues, because it combines an intense personality cult around Mohammed as the incarnation of the nation. It also employs widespread systems of suspicion and denunciation, exemplified by “sartorial branding” — for example Burkinis or niqabs — that allow for immediate identification and targeting of non-adherents. There are also familiar fascist tropes of repressive sexism against women and homosexuals, armed militias, adoption of a flag, and a strategy that confers the benign status of ‘Muslim women’ to heavily veiled adherents in the West, and characterizes them, disingenuously, as victimized objects of exclusion.

“The literary corpus of Islam is so stuffed with damning accounts it would be difficult to cleanse it without altering the fundamentals of dogma,” El Rhazoui writes.

“If the terrorists of Daesh [ISIS] behead those they judge to be miscreants, that is because they draw on their legislation in the texts like the 8th surah of the Koran, al-Anfal, verse 12: “Remember what Your Lord revealed to the angels : I am with you, so support those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. You can strike them above the neck and strike off every fingertip”.

‘You can be Arab, Muslim and a free thinker’

Drawing on her personal experience and scholarly knowledge of Islam’s core Arabic texts, the politics of the post-Arab Spring Middle East, and the wellspring of reformism and dissidence embraced within the multi-faceted Islamic civilization, El Rhazoui’s book is an impassioned response to all the extremists who want to see her and her fellow opponents of politico-religious repression dead.

The greatest racism is, El Rhazoui argues, the racism of the Islamist ideology that forbids marriage with people who are not Muslims, and that rejects women. “That is the definition of racism and fascism and we must say it,” the writer adds.

“Today Islam in the world only has a role as a civilization. A civilization is defined by many things and not uniquely by religion — but also by its geographical heritage, its artistic, culinary and sartorial traditions and by literature.

“The Muslim religion has its place in the modern world if it submits itself fully to the laws that rule humanity today: universal principles of equality between men and women, sexual and individual freedom, and equality for all, no matter your creed or religion. Until Islam has admitted this and accepted that the freedom of men and women is superior to it, Islam will not be acceptable.”

‘Islamophobia whiners’

Destroy Islamic Fascism aims to puncture the hypocrisy and faux-intellectual “fakery” (the author’s word) of “Islamophobia whiners” and other “collaborationists” from across the political spectrum — particularly the hard left, “Crypto-Islamist” anti-racists on a quest for a new “Muslim proletariat,” certain feminists, cultural relativists and so-called moderate Imams. All these “willing accomplices” do is distort the noble cause of fighting racism to give undeserved legitimacy to an ideology that at its most extreme results in the horrors of Islamic State, the author says, but also makes the lives of millions of Muslims living in Islamic countries downright miserable.

“What do these Islamophobia whiners say to the millions of individuals who live in Islamic theocracies and dream of liberty?” El Rhazoui concludes in her book. “Who speaks about the nightmare of a woman who decides to cross the streets of Algiers, Casablanca or Cairo in a skirt?… those who would like to drink a glass of alcohol in countries where you have to flout the law to do it? … about homosexuals, pariahs of Muslim societies, who often only have the choice of death, prison or exile? Who speaks about this youth born Muslim but dreaming of a normal life, these teens attacked for having had a romance?”

The summer furore over Burkini bans in France agitated the author who deplored the cynical rush of Islamists and their Western sympathizers in the media, academia and politics to celebrate the controversial swimsuit as a form of “liberation” and simultaneously a banal piece of cloth preferred by “Muslim women,” even though most never wear it.

“Western media, in an intolerable readiness to oblige, have defended the Burkini as a ‘freedom’ and a legitimate cultural expression of a part of humanity,” she said, but pointed out that “in Muslim countries the beaches are not filling up with Burkinis, but they are emptying themselves of women. From one year to another, they are disappearing from the public space, because the veil has never been anything except an extension of the walls of their harem to the exterior.”

As for mainstream or moderate Muslim clerics, El Rhazoui tells Women in the World that during the Burkini debate in France not one Imam stood up and said “Hey, wait a minute, you can be Muslim and wear a [regular] bathing suit.”

History will judge those who have monopolized the debate, given a platform to Islamist fundamentalism and even given it a guarantee of acceptability, the author of Destroy Islamic Fascism told Women in the World. “This is just betrayal and it is collaboration with one of the worst forms of fascism that exists today,” she said.

According to the writer, who is repeatedly accused of bigotry, the “Islamophobia ruse” is driven by “great ignorance” and a lack of understanding of the culture of Islam and what Islam with a big ‘I’ is — “they ignore its complexity and that there have always been opposition currents and progressive and liberal pushes from within.”

“The accomplices don’t recognize the struggles playing out today in Arab countries will inevitably be won by the democrats and free people. No fascism or totalitarianism has ever been able to win in the long haul of history. The people who are the allies and collaborators of this totalitarianism today will be judged by history and seen as accomplices to this criminal ideology to which they have given a veneer of respectability.”

For El Rhazoui the true racism emerges from a condescending approach to Islamic culture that decrees an Islamic woman in a burqa is congenitally not free and that her “race” is the burqa. “We present the fundamentalists as being a race and this only shows the contempt we have for this culture. It is absolutely intolerable,” she says.

Survivor syndrome

Women in the World asked El Rhazoui how she manages to keep up her spirits, and continue her struggle for the freedom to dissent after everything that has happened since January 2015.

“It is a question people often ask me,” she said with a perceptible tremor in her voice. “But when you live through these moments in which you are confronted by a reality as cruel and simple as life and death, you realize can put many things in perspective.

“Straight after the attacks, like many of my colleagues I felt guilty for having stayed alive. I said to myself ‘Those who are dead are dead for all our work, and some are dead when it wasn’t even their work. But it was my work because I am a journalist and I am still here.’ And then you understand this is all part of survivor syndrome, which is normal when you survive a massacre like that.

“As you start to heal you say, ‘I am lucky to be alive and if I am still here perhaps that is because I still have something to do.’ I understood long before the attack on Charlie, when I engaged in a struggle for individual liberties and democracy in Morocco, that when you fight against totalitarianism, whether it is political or religious, you should never give your enemies the pleasure of stopping living. We fight so that everyone can have a free and happy life and we must continue to live this same life.

Still a day doesn’t go past when she doesn’t think of her old colleague Charb and their many heated discussions.

“He was someone who was extremely lucid and for whom the concepts were clear. He was a true humanist who didn’t fear being accused of being racist because for him it was absurd.”

El Rhazoui’s deconstruction of Islam is also a defense of Muslims, she reasoned, as “salvation will come when we stop aligning the identity of an entire community with the most fundamentalist people who pretend to represent it.”

“We have to extend a hand to all these Muslims who are free people, who have questioned their heritage, and who are fighters for liberty, battling for the same values as us but in a context controlled by Islamists,” she says….

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BF appeal

The clock is ticking and we now have only THREE DAYS to go until Jayda Fransen will be on trial in Luton for a bunch of Mickey Mouse charges.

As you can see below, we are about half way to our target:

Target: £15,000
Raised so far: £9,100
Time left: 3 days
Patriot Name: YOU
Suggested action: Chip in £10

This matter is now extremely serious and urgent – after all, six days is not a long time and we still have to prepare a thorough legal defence for three separate charges.

Britain First

Our legal representatives keep asking me if we will be able to fund Jayda’s legal defence, but at the moment that depends on you

Jayda needs your help and needs it NOW.

It’s bad enough going into a trial facing a possible prison sentence knowing you have done nothing wrong, but it is made far worse with a big legal bill hanging over you.

Britain First

We can help relieve the pressure on Jayda.

Please spare whatever you can, even if it’s £5, as every penny counts, but please do not turn this email away and close it, Jayda is depending on us:

put them in bronze bull and light fire underneath it.

A Muslim migrant who was convicted of raping a child at an Austrian pool has had his sentence overturned: “He didn’t know the boy didn’t want to be raped.” Do you mean in Muslim countries little boys want to be raped?

What kind of vicious islamophiliac pedophiles serve on Austria’s Supreme Court, to free a rapist who violently assaulted and anally raped a 10-year-old boy? The Supreme Court overturned this monster’s conviction, saying the court had not done enough to ascertain whether or not the rapist realized the child was saying no. What? The child suffered severe anal injuries which had to be treated at a local children’s hospital, and is still plagued by serious post-traumatic stress disorder.

These judges need their own children anally and brutally raped.

“‘He didn’t know the boy didn’t want to be raped’ court throws out migrant child sex charge,” By Indra Warnes, The Express, October 22, 2016:

AN IRAQI asylum seeker who confessed to raping a 10-year-old boy in a swimming pool, claiming it was a “sexual emergency”, has had his conviction overturned.’

In a truly shocking twist the Supreme Court decided the grown Iraqi man may not have realised the 10-year-old did not want to be sexually abused by him.

Amir A, 20, was visiting the Theresienbad pool in the Austrian capital of Vienna last December as part of a trip to encourage integration.

When the youngster went to the showers, Amir A. allegedly followed him, pushed him into a toilet cubicle, and violently sexually assaulted him.Following the attack, the accused rapist returned to the pool and was practising on the diving board when police arrived, after the 10-year-old raised the alarm with the lifeguard.The child suffered severe anal injuries which had to be treated at a local children’s hospital, and is still plagued by serious post-traumatic stress disorder.In a police interview, Amir A. confessed to the crime; telling officers the incident had been “a sexual emergency”, as his wife had remained in Iraq and he “had not had sex in four months”.


Britain First


We have exactly 12 days until our courageous Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen is on TRIAL in Luton for the heinous crime of entering a Muslim “NO-GO ZONE”.

The corrupt PC Luton police are deliberately targeting Jayda at the behest of the powerful and influential alliance in Luton of the Labour Council and Islamist groups.

The police are ignoring the concrete video evidence of rampant racism, abuse and violence inflicted on our brave activists, but they are prosecuting our Jayda for a small number of petty “Micky Mouse” charges.

One of our activists was actually assaulted in Luton and so was I at an earlier date, but the leftwing police did nothing.

Yes, even I was physically punched by a Muslim thug.

“No further action,” the police said on both occasions.

But, our Jayda wears a Britain First merchandise hat and she is arrested and dragged into court, immediately!

Britain First

I don’t know about you , but I am sick and tired of these rotten double standards – it is one rule for Muslims and another rule for British folk.

Muslims get recorded on video punching people, but no arrests or charges.

English ladies wear a hat, and get dragged into court.

Doesn’t it make you physically sick that this is happening in the land of our fathers?

What do you think the heroes of D-Day, the pilots in the battle of Britain, the Tommies in the Trenches, even Winston Churchill, would think of this outrageous politically correct abuse of our justice system?

Yes, our Jayda will be sitting in the dock facing a PRISON sentence thanks to Luton police, who care only about appeasing Muslims.

Will you get behind our Jayda in her hour of need?

Weeks ago we launched Jayda’s “Legal Defence Fund”, below is the latest update:

Target: £15,000
Raised so far: £6,420
Time left: 12 days
Patriot Name: YOU
Suggested action: Chip in £10

Can Jayda depend on you  to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with her as she takes on the Luton Police bullies?

If you can find it within your heart, as a British patriot, to spare just £10 to help her legal defence, it would help enormously – time is running out fast!

Every penny counts:

Yours sincerely,
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First