Religions now normally have members of many races. Yet if you criticise a religion the Cultural Marxists shout “Racist, Racist “to shut down debate. They are so thick they can’t win an argument with you.
Evelyn Beatrice Hall wrote the phrase: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” this is a woman who understood the right to free speech.
Greens, Liberals and Labour supporters all believe in open borders and no countries and letting in as many people to our land as possible. It is a fact that there is far more black on white crime than the other way round. In Sweden they had hardly any rapes until the Liberal Elite let in Muslims mainly from African lands. When Merkel sent out an invite thousands of women were assaulted in Cologne.
We saw Silly Lily Allen crying crocodile tears for poor African economic migrants at Calais who could not sneak into the UK. They are illegal migrants by the fact they have not claimed asylum in the first safe land they arrived in. Africa has plenty of safe lands. I never see people like Lily Allen, Gary Lineker, Russell Brand, Geldof and all the other white traitors putting a refugee up in their big homes rent free. Yet they expect the rest of us to pay for them with more taxes and lower quality of life.
I wonder what it will take to change these Liberal minds – do they need to see their daughters groomed or raped or even knifed in the street by a migrant who we give welfare and a free home yet still hates the Western way of life? Muslims believe in Taqiyya lying to conceal the truth from us, but in reality they don’t need to kill us to turn UK into an Islamic Country they can just out breed us as they are doing. Our welfare system, child benefits and allowing them to have more than one wife will eventually lead to our downfall. Yet across Europe Pegida is rising so Muslims will find the Dunkirk Spirit soon amongst the British that have pulled their heads out of the sands and shed the Stockholm syndrome.
If I was running the country captured Muslim terrorists would not go to jail they would be made to work on pig farms – we need to find a way of terrorising the Jihadists that aces the desire of 21 virgins in paradise. Even UKIP believes in more migration.

Remember that Count Kalergi planned the EU in 1922 and the idea was white genocide by mass migration from Africa and Arab lands to create a new slave race which would be easier to control by the Rothschild New World Order run from the USA. It was Jewish Freemasons and CIA who put plan of EU back on boiler. CIA and MI6 have taken down many leaders from other countries. Rothschild’s ran British intelligence and gave nuke secrets to Israel. Rothschild’s are true Satanist worshipping Saturn but have so much blood on their hands. They own City of London, Washington D.C, Israel and even Vatican City has money invested with these evil people. 1 of the 13 Royal families who have always controlled us especially because debt is built into banking system and they are allowed to set the price of gold.We all know Hitler killed Jews but what about the Holodomor’s where Jews killed Christians. Bolsheviks who were Jews financed by Rothschild’s killed 60 million white Christians just in Russia, then we have Ukraine etc