Fellow patriots, Christians and brethren in the Bulgarian Border Volunteers Face New Muslim Migrant Flood – will you help them stop it there, or wait till it reaches YOUR doorstep?

We all know that we’re going to have to fight the Islamist invasion. The only questions are ‘when?’ and ‘where?’

Earlier this month a KTI mission to Bulgaria learnt at first-hand about the new flood of ultra-Islamist migrants pouring out of refugee camps in Turkey and crashing across the Bulgarian border into the European Union.

Help us stop the invasion!!

And if you think the ones we’ve already got are bad, wait until you’ve got this lot as neighbours because even the Turks have had enough of them so you can imagine what’s coming our way!

Knights Templar International

This is extremely dangerous work for the volunteers as weapons are common among these invaders but it must be done to help buy time for the parts of Christendom where real resistance is brewing.

We must disrupt the Islamic State’s urgent drive to get fighters out of the ‘Caliphate’ turned death trap in Syria and onto the new European front they plan to open next.

Which is why we say that you have only one choice: Whether to help the Bulgarian volunteers fight this invasion, or to wait until it reaches you and then try to fight it yourself – without even the basics.

Remember back in 2015 when the Templars went to Hungarian/Serbian border?

Many asked “why and what can be done”? Well look at what happened.

The local mayor erected border fences, implemented armed patrols and now the Hungarian government have announced even more defences to make sure FORTRESS EUROPE becomes a reality!

Our job is to influence, facilitate and to shape policy and many people agree, nobody has ever done it better than this order.

Patriotic Bulgarian Brothers are determined that Europe will not be lost to Islamic invaders, surely we must now play our part in full?

That is why they are out in the forests and mountains in all weathers – the frontline of Christendom!

For our part, while we were with the leaders of the Union of Bulgarian Military Veterans, we discussed the question of what equipment the Knight Templar International could best supply to help them as well.

The KTI will supply on high value, high-tech items which they urgently need and which can be taken to them in person by our next delegation due to join our Bulgarian comrades again next month.

We have agreed to take them state-of-the-art night vision equipment. This is needed not only to watch key infiltration routes but also for the sentries who guard their own camps as they are at real risk from armed attacks in the night.

We also want to take with us two desperately needed surveillance drones. The ability to survey large tracts of countryside from the air will revolutionise the effectiveness of the foot patrols.

Knights Templar International

So these “eyes-in-the-sky” are absolutely vital to improve the defence not just of the Bulgarian border but indeed of our homeland as well.

Truly, their fight is our fight, and I hope you’ll agree that we just have to help them.

We cannot and we will not delay, but we need your help to do it.

We put this to you as a member of this order.

We are not a fanciful internet group, this is real and you are part of something operating at international level to defend kids in your street, your family, and your loved ones.

Other people may run around the streets shouting and waving flags, fine but this is way beyond that.

This is the ‘real deal’ big boy stuff and as a member you are obliged to assist if you can.

The war on our freedoms started a long time ago. We are being colonised, terrorized and butchered daily all across Europe and beyond as you well know dear friend.

So today I ask you personally to dig deep and do the right thing by donating whatever you can to help buy this kit for our brothers on patrol.

Make no mistake, we are witnessing an invasion from a hostile foe and if YOU don’t act, your children WILL suffer.

Surely you children and grandchildren, nation and faith deserve our support!

So do those who have made the brave decision to risk all to participate on the border patrols, remember your brothers represent YOU!

We can all contribute something if we are serious about this.

It’s time to take a stand

Another border victory like Hungary would also send a clear message to the would-be conquerors of our children and haters of our faith that their time is coming to an end!


They have PC media and lefty politicians on their side and they have vast numbers but we are the TEMPLARS and Templars stopped the invasions before and we WILL do it again because we are sworn to fight until the last breath to protect our people and if necessary, WE SHALL!

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Knights Templar International


God be with you.

In hoc Signo Vinces
S. McBride
Grand Commander

Knights Templar International

Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam